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My kids love their Tonie box! If you haven’t heard of these yet you must check them out. Tonie is a box that will play stories for your kids to listen to. My kids also love listening to stories on their Alexa to but this is a different experience. There is no microphone, no internet needed (once new Tonies are loaded), screen free so you can feel good that your child can safely use it.

Listening to Audio books is extremely beneficial for children. Children can listen to books at a higher level than they can read on their own. This will give them a chance to hear stories that are above their reading level. They are exposed to more complex language structures and advanced vocabulary. Listening to audio books also helps kids to build Visualizations skills. Kids as young as 3 can use this box independently which is also great for when you have to get thing done. If you are tired one night, instead of reading your can snuggle up with your kiddo and listen to a story with them. You will still get that bonding relaxing time in while listening to fun stories.

The Tonie is not just an audio book player for kids. The box is easy for kids to control. Letting kids have this independence. Independence is an important life skill for kids to learn. Also the box is padded and durable which is great for my two boys because they are very rough with is with no issues. They also come with cute little figures that go with the stories. I do recommend making sure to have a way to store each figure so they don’t get lost.

I love taking my Tonie box on vacation. When we go on trips, my kids are so excited they always have a hard time settling down at night. Perfect time to bring in the tonie box. My kids a mellow out while listening to books and it gives them something to focus on while they fall asleep. We are going on a cruise next week so I already loaded up some new Tonies for them!

Only Time you need internet is when you buy a brand new Tonie. There is an app you can download that takes you through the process. It is very simple but does take about 5 mins for each one. So If you are giving this as a gift. I would make sure to charge and load up a few tonies up first so your kid can start listening right away.

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