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Another Jory John Hit! I was so excited back in July when I noticed that Jory John had a new book coming out. I preorder three; ordered one for my boys and then one for each one of their teachers. What I love about Jory John books is how he teaches kids meaningful lessons, in entertaining ways, and without being preachy. This story is about a sweet grape that became a sour grape by holding grudges.

The Sour Grape – What a sweet book! This book has a great lesson in it that life is what you make it and to not let the little stuff get you down. Plus accidents happen. Will our grape Friend figure out how to be sweet again or stay a sour grape. You will have to read to find out! We just love love love every book Jory has written.



60 Sheets Color Textured Cardstock – light green and purple

Fine Line Markers

Glue Sticks

2 Inch Paper Punch

You can skip this step if you like. I like starting with a triangle to help create that traditional grape bunch shape. Make the triangle as big as you like.

I used and 2 inch punch for these perfect circles but feel free to cut out your own circle. My bunch will have 6 grapes but feel free to make it as large as you’d like. Glue circles to cover the Triangle and make your bunch.

Optional add on leaves and vines out of green paper. Then simply draw some sweet and sour grape faces on each one. I liked going through the book with my kids and seeing the different expressions. This is a great way to teach kids empathy.

Easy Activity



Tooth Picks

Give your kiddos grapes and tooth picks and let’s see what they create. My kids played with this for about 30 mins until it was dinner time and we had to clean up.

Snack – Sweet and Sour Grapes



Green Jello

Lime Juice

Squeeze juice from a lime

Pour grapes into ziplock back and add lime juice. Shake in bag to coat grapes

Pour in Jello Mix and shake up.

Place onto parchment paper lined pan and put into the Freezer for at least 1 hour. Then enjoy the sweet and sour taste.

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