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I’m so pumped for the upcoming solar eclipse! As someone living directly in the path of totality, I get to experience that awe-inspiring moment when the moon fully blocks out the sun. What a unique opportunity to see the sun’s glowing corona without the usual bright glare.

While my school is allowing excused absences, I’ve decided to turn it into a learning experience right here. I’m throwing an epic Solar Eclipse party for my kids and their friends. We’ll be doing solar-themed crafts like making pinhole cameras and cereal box viewfinders. I want to help them understand what’s happening scientifically while still having a blast. Snacks are covered too – I’m talking solar system rice krispie treats, “moon” pies, and hot dogs. Can’t watch the eclipse on an empty stomach!

The main event kicks off at maximum totality. I’ve set up telescopes (with proper filters of course) so we can glimpse the sun’s atmosphere up close. It’ll be a jaw-dropping two minutes! Then we’ll celebrate with glow sticks as darkness falls at noon.

I can’t wait to share this astronomical experience with the next generation. With some education mixed with games and yummy food, it’s sure to be a memory they’ll never forget. Stay tuned for updates and photos from my Great American Solar Eclipse party!


Totality Solar Eclipse Shirts

Getting ready to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of a solar eclipse? You’ve got your spot picked out, maybe some snacks packed, but what about your outfit? Believe it or not, the color of your clothes can actually affect how you experience this celestial event!

Here’s the deal: during a partial eclipse, our eyes rely on cone cells to see the full range of colors. But as the eclipse deepens and the sun dims, we enter a twilight-like phase called mesopic vision. This is where rod cells take charge. While these superstars are extra sensitive to low light, they’re not great at picking up colors.

So, what colors can help us during this light shift? Research suggests that red and green are the champions! Red, being a warm color, is well-perceived by our eyes in low light. Green gets a boost thanks to the Purkinje effect, which makes certain colors appear brighter at dusk and dawn.

By rocking some red or green during the eclipse, you might just enhance the whole experience! The extra vibrancy of the green and the ease of seeing red could translate to sharper eclipse views and maybe even more stunning eclipse photos.

Of course, the most important color when it comes to eclipses is safe! Don’t forget to grab certified eclipse glasses to protect your eyes while gazing directly at the partially obscured sun. Oh and thanks to Google’s Gemini for all the fancy words why red and Green are suppose to be cool to wear during the eclipse.

So, being that this is my first solar eclipse I have not seen this. But I’m hoping it will work. Check back and I will give updates after the Eclipse!

Be Safe

The Solar Observatory for Your Smartphone

Solar Eclipse Glasses Approved 2024, (10 Pack)

LUNT SOLAR 5 Pack Premium Eclipse Glasses, AAS Approved 2024 Solar Glasses, CE and ISO Certified, HD Film, Crisp Solar Image

Obsessed with capturing that perfect eclipse pic, but worried about safety? Don’t let fear eclipse your fun! While the sight of the sun being chomped by the moon is incredible, looking at it directly – even during a partial eclipse – is a big no-no for your eyes.

Here’s how to be a safe eclipse spectator and photographer:

  • Glasses for Gazing: Certified eclipse glasses are your best bet for direct viewing. Look for ones that meet international safety standards to ensure your peepers are protected.
  • Projecting the Phenomenon: Feeling crafty? Build a pinhole projector! This lets you project the eclipse onto a surface for safe, indirect viewing – perfect for sharing the experience with friends and family.
  • Filtering Your Fotos: Thinking of using your phone or a telescope to snag that eclipse selfie? Special solar filters are essential for your camera equipment. These filters protect the delicate sensors from sun damage while letting you capture the eclipse’s glory.

Kid Activities

Cyanotype Paper Sun Print Paper Kit

The wait for the solar eclipse can be thrilling, but why not channel that energy into some sun-powered creativity? This sun print paper kit is the perfect companion for those pre-eclipse jitters. With 60 generously sized sheets, there’s enough paper to experiment and create unique artwork while you wait for the celestial show to begin. The high-quality, blueprint paper ensures your creations last, and the process itself is a breeze. Simply arrange leaves, fabric, or other treasures on the sheet, expose it to sunlight for a few minutes, and rinse. The magic of the sun does the rest, transforming your finds into one-of-a-kind art pieces. It’s a relaxing activity, a fun group project, and a fantastic way to explore the power of sunshine – all while keeping you entertained as you gear up for the eclipse!

  • Easy as 1-2-3: Here’s all you need to do:
    1. Place leaves, fabric scraps, or anything else you want to imprint on the sun print paper.
    2. Secure everything with a clear glass or acrylic sheet.
    3. Expose the paper to direct sunlight for 5-10 minutes.
    4. Rinse the paper under running water for about a minute.
    5. Let it dry. Voila! A beautiful sun-printed masterpiece awaits!

The pre-eclipse wait can feel like ages, but why not make the most of it with a fun, sun-powered activity? Grab a pack of UV light-sensitive beads! These nifty beads change color when exposed to sunlight, making them perfect for crafting bracelets, bookmarks, or even keychains while you wait for the big event. Imagine creating a bracelet that changes color throughout the day, reflecting the diminishing sunlight as the eclipse progresses. It’s a creative way to engage with the celestial phenomenon and a delightful way to spend those pre-eclipse hours.

Build a Solar Eclipse Projector


Cereal box


white paper




Inside the cereal box, tape a piece of white paper to the bottom. This will be your viewing screen.

Cut two rectangles, on the top of the box about 2″ wide.

Cover one of the holes with tin foil shiny side towards the box.

Use a push pin and carefully poke a small hole.

Free Printable – Solar Eclipse Flip Book

This free printable is to make a solar eclipse flip book. All you need is scissors and a stapler. Print off free printable. Cut out the 14 rectangles. Put the pages in order. then staple the side with the numbers. if your book is not flipping very well. Trim the side away from the staple.

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