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Easter has always been so much fun with my two boys, but now that they are 7 and 9, I wanted to switch things up a bit from the traditional egg hunting and dying. After our egg hunt this year, the boys were excited to discover that the plastic eggs didn’t contain candy, but Bunny Bucks that could be redeemed at our Hippity Hop Shop!

I’ve included the free printable Bunny Buck tickets at the bottom of this post for any other parents looking for a new Easter activity. Our shop was stocked with small toys, bouncy balls, stickers – I even had a few extra Squish mallows and larger prizes up for grabs. The boys loved browsing the selection and pooling all their Bunny Bucks to pick out special prizes. They still talk about their haul from the Hippity Hop Shop last year!

Free Printable at bottom of page

Dyed Easter Egg drop

In addition to the Bunny Buck hunt, this year we took our Easter egg dying tradition to the next level. After dying our easter eggs, we recruited some friends for an Easter Egg Drop Challenge at the park.

All the kids had a blast devising their egg dropping techniques and cheering each other on. Some novel strategies included rotating the egg like a helicopter or carefully bouncing it on the ground first to dissipate impact. It was so fun to see their creative problem solving and competition to break the distance records. Of course there were also some inevitable “omlettes” that resulted in a fun snack for the ducks afterwards! I’ve included a few pictures from their challenge below.

We had such an egg-cellent time changing up our Easter traditions this year. Let me know if any of you try the Easter Egg Drop or visit a Hippity Hop Shop with your littles. Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

Materials needed for an Easter Egg Drop:

Hard boiled and decorated eggs
Space for dropping eggs from heights safely



Washi Tape

Easter Grass

Hole puncher

Construction paper



Free Bunny Bucks printable:

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