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When I was a kid, I loved going to camp. We did horse back riding, archery, camp fires, and so much more. I was a traditional 80s kid growing up outside in the mud all they long. Not sure how I got so indoorsy but here I am. Camping was outside my comfort zone, but I wanted my kids to experience the magic of camping. So here we go on our first family camping adventure.

When we first started planning our camping adventure, we thought “let’s go to Yellowstone or Yosemite.” But then we wised up and chose a state park about 2 hours from our house. For our first camping trip this was a great idea. Driving an RV was way more stressful than we thought it would be so happy for the short drive. It was also close enough if we had a problem we could go home but far enough that we didn’t pack up right away.

Ok so my idea of roughing it is a motel without wifi so for a successful camping trip we rented an RV. This was a great option for us. It allowed us to have the fun of camping with some of the comforts of home like A/C which is very important here in Texas.

My kids had so much fun on this trip but they also learned a lot too.  Many will boast they camping teaches basic survival skills.  I don’t think my kids will ever need to kill an attacking bear but when we camp they do learn some basic survival skills.  My boys were fasciated to learn how to start campfires, water safety, which plants are poisonous, safety in the woods, and other skills that keep them away from harm. They learned how to explore nature, to keep hydrated, and that a little dirt and mud never hurt anyone at all so just enjoy it.

What’s your favorite camping activities? Fishing? hiking? s’mores?

Leo the Lighting Bug – This book has one of the best theme for kids….. “With a little Time and Practice….” So many times kids get frustrated when things don’t come easily to them. Our Lighting bug in this story is very disappointed that he can’t light up. These words helped him even when he was very discouraged. But let’s see what will happen “With a little Time and Practice.

Monster And Mouse Go Camping – Deborah Underwood comes through with another witty and fun children’s book. Monster is a reluctant camper who snacks on the gear, but his patient friend Mouse doesn’t get mad and just rolls with it. This is funny and cute story. This Author always does great job of entertaining adults and kids through a children’s book.

The Berenstain Bears Go to Camp – This is a great story about going away to sleep away camp. Brother and Sister go through normal emotions when trying something new. They are excited and nervous. They learn and try new things. They are good at some and not good at other. They have good days and bad. But they keep trying and have fun. Sister is also very nervous for the sleep over. It is great for kids to see characters similar challenges and feelings and how they work through them.

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FireFly Craft


Plastic Easter Egg – I used left over dollar store eggs but these look fun.

Pipe Cleaners

Eye stickers

Flameless candle

Permeant markers

Pony beads – optional

Make and Poke Holes for Legs, Antenna, and Wings. I not sure what I used to poke the holes. It was something sharp in my tool box. I made 6 for legs, 2 for antenna, and 2 for each wing.

Thread pipe cleaners to make legs and bend to make feet.

Add a pipe cleaner and curl to make Antennas.

Add Pipe Cleaner, add Pony Beads, and Twist to Make Wings

Make a Face and add Light.

Monster Rocks Craft


Rocks – from camp site or I had these left over

Paint markers

Sticker Eyes

This is an extremely easy craft. You can find rocks from around your camp site. I had these left over from another craft so I used them. Then simply color them to look like monsters. I love these paint markers! The colors are vivid and easy for the kids to use. I used these eyeball stickers which the kids loved. But feel free to use wiggle eyes for draw them.

Camping Photo Souvenir

I brought my polaroid camera with us on this camping trip. The kids love taking picture and watching the photos develop. Then they came up with the idea of making fun camping souvenirs to remember their trip. you will also see that we are using supplies from other projects which made prepping so much easier.


Rocks – from camp site or I had these left over

Pipe Cleaners

Paint markers

Pony beads – optional

Photos – I took my Polaroid

Draw a camp design on your Rock. Once again I love these Paint markers.

Twist two Pipe Cleaners together in the the middle.

Wrap the pipe cleaners around the rock.

Use pony beads to help hold up the pictures.

Free Camping Printable Activities

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