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Blessed are curious for they shall have adventures

~ Lovelle Drachman

Vacations suggest a break and chance to recharge. Now that we have kids, I tell my husband that we do not go on Vacations but trips. Even though it may be exhausting taking kids places, it is so worth it. It is amazing to see our kids eyes light up when we go on these trips even when may just be going to see grammy and papa. To our kids these are not trips or Vacations or trips yet adventures to explore the world. We need to take the time to see it through our kids eyes. Enjoy the journey not just the destination. Enjoy each experience as our kids do. Make those memories. Try new things. And get out there and explore!

Even if you are doing a staycation there are plenty of things to explore at home. Here is a fun book about going on vacation and embracing new and different things. It will remind us to enjoy exploring while at the same time it makes us appreciate home too.

Penguin on Vacation by Salina Yoon

We love all of the Penguin books and this one is no exception! It’s very cute. It’s about penguin who wants to go on vacation somewhere different. What could be more different than the Arctic… how about the beach. Penguin doesn’t know how to play in the sand or what to do at the beach. He meets a crab who befriends him and shows him how to have fun at the beach. Then crab visits Penguin in the Antarctic. It’s a great tale of friendship, learning new things, and adventure.

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Penguin and Crab Craft


Cardstock – Black, red, white, and Orange

Red Pipe Cleaners

Wiggly Eyes



Markers/ Crayons

Cut black strips 2 x 10 inches for body and 1.5 x 6 inches for the Head. Cut Red strip 2 x 8 inches for crab.

Roll and Glue each strip to make a Circle.

Glue the Small Black Circle to the Big Black Circle.

Draw and cut a U shape for the Tummy of your Penguin.  Glue Tummy on Big Black Circle

Draw and Cut out Orange Feet. Glue Feet on Penguin. Cut a Diamond shape out of Orange paper to make beak. Glue Beak and Eyes on  face. Lay Them Flat to Dry. 

Take 4 Red pipe cleaners and twist them together in the Middle. 

Glue the Middle of Pipe Cleaners Through the Red Ring

Glue on eyes and Draw Face

Penguin Iceberg Sensory Activity

In the story, Penguin traveled to beach by iceberg. What a fun way to retell the story than with some sensory play. It also allows kids to see how icebergs can melt especially as the water gets warmer. My kids loved playing with activity. Even my seven year old wanted a chance to play and explore.


Penguin Toys

Muffin Tins



Ice Cubs

Blue Food coloring

Utensils – spoons, Tongs, straws, eye droppers etc.

Fill the muffin tins half way up with water and freeze

Once frozen add the penguin toys on top then finish filling muffin tins and Freeze.

When you are ready to play, fill tub with and 1-2 inches of water. Optional, but my kids loved to add some blue food coloring to water and stir.

Add in Regular ice cubes and icebergs with penguins.

Let your kid play. Use straws to blow the icebergs around. If you’re brave let them blow bubbles. Scoop ice cubes with spoons or tongs. Using different utensils not only makes it more interesting and fun but also works different muscle groups to help develop fine motor skills.

Penguin and Crab Snack

Graham Crackers


Gold fish – i used cupcake flavor

Lifesavers hard candy

Reese’s Dipped Pretzels – or plain pretzels

White Frosting

Blue Food Coloring

Candy eyes

orange tic tacs

Pull and Peel Twizzlers

Use frosting to attach eyes to Oreo. Use Frosting to Add Tic Tac Nose to Oreo

Add Blue Food Coloring to White Frosting. Spread Blue Frosting on 2/3 of Graham Cracker 

Add 3 Goldfish Crackers to the Ocean.

Use Frosting To add Pretzel this will make the Penguin’s feet

Use Frosting to Attach the Penguin Oreo. You may need to hold it up to let it set a minute if it falls down.

Cut pull and peel Twizzlers into little bigger than one inch pieces and separate. Each treat will need Six Twizzler pieces. Use Frosting to add 6 Twizzler legs and life saver for Crab

Use Frosting to add Eyes to Crab

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