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Don’t you just love the sound of the ocean?  A day at the beach is the most relaxing thing you can do….well until you have kids…. then its repeated lathering on sunscreen, constantly checking if you lost one, and someone is constantly famished. If you want relaxing, then you’ll need to purchase an ocean relaxation melodies because there’s no chance you’ll get any relaxing for yourself!  But it is so much fun to see them enjoying the beach, sand ,and family time.  As crazy as it is…I wish I could do it more.  

But when you can’t go to the beach bring the beach to you. With an ocean themes kids book club, this way you can enjoy the ocean without getting any sand everywhere!  We have a craft, activity, and a snack idea that your kids will love.  So let’s enjoy a day ate the ocean.  

Pete at the beach – by James and Kimberly Dean – My kids love Pete the Cat and the set of books for beginning readers is great. The sentences are short and vocabulary are at the perfect level for the beginning reader. This book is extra fun because it visits one of our favorite places…. the Beach! It shows all the fun things your can do there and the importance of family time. highly recommended!

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Wave Sensory Bottle


Plastic water bottle – study one like Smart, Snapple, or Voss.


Blue food coloring

Baby oil

Super glue to seal lid

  1. Start with a study plastic bottle. This may see silly but the type of bottle will make a big difference on the quality of your end product. If you start with a cheap flimsy plastic bottle it will crumple and leak so please make sure to start off right. As long as you get a nice bottle, this is a super easy craft that your kids will love.

2. Fill half way with water then add a few drops of blue food coloring.

3. Top off bottle with baby oil. You could also add in some sand or sea shells to your ocean. Use super glue to seal the cap of your bottle. Once dry let your kids tip the bottle back and forth to see the ocean waves.

Looking for Sea Shells

Sea shells or pictures of shells

This game is so easy and and will keep your kids busy!!! My boys had so much fun taking turns hiding the shells then the other would look for them. This was a great rainy day activity, when we were stuck inside. If you do not have sea shells you can simply print downloadable at the bottom of this page. Color and cut them out to hide.

Beach Snack Cup


Graham Crackers

Pudding Cups

Fruit by the Foot

Teddy Grahams

Party Umbrellas

Zip Lock bag

Little Hammers – optional

  1. Put Graham Crackers in Zip Lock bag to crush. I started with my hands but it wasn’t getting fine enough so we pulled out our toy tool kids and hammered away. You want to crush it up to look like sand.

2. Open Pudding Cups. Add a layer of graham cracker “sand” to cover the top.

3. Cut a piece of Fruit by the Foot to use as a beach towel.

4. place a beach bum bear (Teddy Grahams) onto the towel

5. Add one of the Party Umbrellas and now it is time to enjoy.

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