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For Christmas my kids get 5 presents. They each get only 1 present from Santa (and not the best one). Then mom and Dad get them something they want, need, wear, and read. As you might guess, Books are more favorite present to pick out.

I love giving kids books!! But let’s be honest, when surrounded by so many presents books may not be the highlight present for them. For Birthdays and Christmas presents for kids, I found that getting a book that matches a toy or activity is the best. Kids can make real world connections with what they read. They will read the books and then get excited about the toy. Then later they may play with the toy and decide to reread the book.

Robo-Sauce By Adam Rubin – This book started a Robot obsession in my house for almost two years. This author is more famously loved books of Dragons Love Tacos and Dragons Love 2 Tacos the Sequel. But this book in our opinion is way better. I mean it actually turns into a robot. Don’t worry not a spoilers because it says it right on the cover. I just read this at my son’s preschool class for his birthday.

Thames & Kosmos ReBotz: Knox – The Wacky Walking Robot | Build a Wacky Motorized Robot! – These are easy to assemble little robot kids. My 7 year old can assemble them all by himself. My 5 year old love them too but needs some help. There are actually 4 different robot sets you can make.  My 7 year old will find new robots to create by reworking the sets too. These are an instant hit!

Kylie Jean Art Queen By Marci Paschke – The Kylie Jean books are cute easy chapter books. I love these books because the main character values manners and working hard. These are such a great books. My boys liked alot of them too. We read fishing Queen, Robot Queen, Cupcake Queen, Valentine Queen, and a few more I can’t think of right now. If you have a young reader I highly recommend this series.

Art Kit – These are kits are so great. They not only allow kids to express thier creativity but also helps with organization skills because everything has its proper place. It makes clean up easy. Kids can pack it back up and store it. Many vibrate colors kids will love it!

Dragon Post By Emma Yarlett – We love this author! Her books are so much fun. I am thinking of doing a video on their author coming up in the new year. Dragon post is wonderfully illustrated and has all these fun letters that come out of the envelopes for kids to read. This is a funny and engaging story and is a great gift.

Melissa & Doug My Own Wooden Mailbox – This is a cute little mailbox. Well made and sturdy.  love getting mail this is a fun way allow kids to have fun playing. This is great for pre writing and Building writing skills.

How to Catch a Mermaid By Adam Wallace – The Adam Wallace has a whole series on How to Catch_______. All of them are fun silly stories that gets kids thinking of different ways to catch the item they are looking for. They are great to use for Stem activities and help with predicting skills.

Mermaid Art kit – This kit is a quick and fun craft. Easy for young kids to follow instructions, but still fun for older kids. I have given this to both a 6 and 11 year old girls and both enjoyed it.

There are so many good space books out there. I was not able to pick just one. Penguinaut! Is a great picture book that teaches kids perseverance and rethinking problems. If your kiddo is a little older Cat Stronauts has 5 books out already. They are a graphic Novel which are funny for kids and adults. If your kids are Dogman fans then I would highly recommend Cat Stronauts.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Rocket Launcher for Kids – This is such a cool present. I have actually bought it for others so many time and haven’t for my own boys yet. Every time I gift it I hear back from the parents how much their kids love it and that 5 and 8 years both can almost do it all by themselves. Its rechargeable so don’t need to worry about replacing batteries. Great find!

This gift and book idea is for littles. When my oldest was 3 years old, this was his favorite book! Amazing Airplanes by Tony Mitton. My boys loved his whole collection but Amazing Airplanes and Roaring Rockets were the best. They are clever rhyming books that teach kids about different transportation. They are easy books that you will memorize because they ask for them again and again. Then they will memorize them which will help them build confidence while they read.

LEGO DUPLO Town Airplane & Airport – Duplos are such a great present. They help build fine motor skills which will help when kids learn how to write. They can help kids follow directions and understand step by step process when they build the kit the first time. Then they can learn to create and explore with their imagination as they take apart and recreate with duplos.

The Missing Ace New series for children, aimed at reluctant readers. Filled with drama and mystery this first adventure in the series is funny and a fast page-turner. The illustrations in the book keep it entertaining for the reader. The book contains some longer words for this age group which are highlighted in red. It would have been great if the red words would have had a glossary in the back of the book. The added magic card trick in the back of the book was a nice touch.

Melissa & Doug Magician’s Pop-Up Hat with Trick – I love Melissa and Doug toys. they are high quality and fun for kids. This is no exception. This is the perfect gift for a child who is interested in magic. There are a few easy tricks included but then you can use these props as they expand their talents.

Another Gift idea

Tonie boxes are so much fun and a great present for kids. Make sure to check our my Tonie Box review.

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