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I loved passing out Valentines as a kid. When I was little it seemed they were a cards that we wrote to your friends. Now it seems like everyone has cute fun Valentines to give out. Well now you can too! At the bottom there are Free Printable that you can choose to match your Child’s interest. You can print and write your names like we did in the 80s. You can also print and match with a toy or candy. We also have a book and a snack if your are doing a classroom party.

This page does contain affiliate links. I only recommend items that I have personally vetted. 

I use these products, and if you buy them I’ll probably earn a small amount of money.

Perfect Valentine Read Aloud

Robot in Love By T. L. McBeth – ‘Robot in Love’ tells an adorable story of a robot who falls in love at first sight. The story is the perfect length for a class read aloud for Valentine’s Day. The illustrations are a colorful palette of red, pink, and gray that are all hand-drawn by the author. My kids love the silly pictures and all the robot sounds. It is great for beginning readers too because they can sound out all the robot’s silly sounds. This book is a lot of fun and a Valentine’s Day must!!

Valentine Robot Snack


Pudding cups or apple sauce cups

Juice boxes

2 Smarties for each Robot

Plastic Spoon

2 Mini boxes of raisins for each Robot

Chocolate Heart

Robot Stickers or Wiggle Eyes with Markers

Strong Glue Dots or hot glue


Make Robot Faces. I had these Robot Stickers left over from a birthday party which worked great. But you could use Wiggle eyes and markers. My kids loved this part so but those kiddos to work!
Glue Two boxes Raisins on for Feet. You can put them on the side for tracks also.
Glue one two smarties for arms
Glue on Head
Tape a Spoon onto the Head and can add a Chocolate heart for Valentines day.
Have fun Changing up the feet and arms!

Valentine Give Aways

Unto the best part!! Free Printables and Having Valentines the kids will love. Fee free to print out and use one their own or match up with some candy or small toys. I usually look for party favors on amazon to match my valentines. I will put links so some that we have used.






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