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Having kids make their own Valentines allows them to express their creativity and personality. Additionally, it can foster a sense of pride and accomplishment, as well as a feeling of being part of a community, when they give the Valentines to their classmates. Making Valentines can be a fun and memorable activity for kids and can contribute to a positive school experience.

Construction Site: You’re Just Right – I can’t go one without Suggesting a Book. My boys and I love this series of books. I have read Goodnight Construction Site a thousand times. Some times more than once in sitting. This book is super cute and carries on the same characters your kids will love.

If you would like more Valentine’s Day books please check out my other page, Click Here.

Lollipop Valentine


2 Plates

Dowel rods

Plastic bags

Packing Tape

Scotch Tape

Pipe Cleaners or ribbon

Tags – See below

Items to fill- Suggestions Spy Pens, Pop it keychain, Squishy,

Cut a whole into a plate. Then thread through a dowel rod and tape it to the plate.

Fill with treats and trinkets. I bought a few Dollar Store Valentine items and then the rest were left over birthday favor items we had.
Tape second plate on top. Slip into a plastic bag. I used pipe cleaners to tie together but you could also use ribbon. The pipe cleaners were easier for my kiddos to use than ribbon.
Add a Tag and Curl Ribbons. Then Tape down the two top corners of the plastic bag.

Valentine Boxes

These Lollipop Valentines were a little time consuming but not too hard. My kids actually did most of the work. If you are looking for something easy check out this link for Free printable Valentines.

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