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Valentines is a great time to make some fun activities for your Toddler. Your toddler will love playing with new textures, sounds, and smells to help them develop their skills and have fun. Don’t worry though, I got some easy prep activities for you and most of the items you can find around the house. Please always remember to watch while your toddler while interacting with the materials. These activities are perfect one on one with your little one. This would also work to invite some other mom’s over for a Valentine’s Playdate!


The Little Blue Truck’s Valentine By Alice Schertle – We are big fans of Little Blue Truck here! My boys request these books often! If we read one, we have to read them all! I’m so glad they love Little Blue because I do, too! This new offering is no different. This Valentine’s book has the same easy rhyming we’ve come to expect and the illustrations are great! The emotions a picture of a truck can convey is amazing! Poor Little Blue Truck feels lonely when he doesn’t receive a Valentine. And my boys were so worried for him. Fortunately, this book had a happy ending!

Valentine Sensory Bin

 A sensory bin activity will help your toddler experience and explore. Before we get started here… sensory play is not an unsupervised time to keep your kid busy while you do stuff. Especially in the beginning. This is a time to introduce new textures, sounds, and smells to help them develop their skills and have fun playing. Please always to remember to watch while your toddler interacts with the materials.

Sensory boxes are amazing for toddlers to explore. You can put anything in them from cereal, rice, pasta, or in this case fake Rose peddles for Valentine’s Day. In any sensory box, toys that kids can explore.  Cups or scoops are great so they can fill, and pour are very engaging. 

Sensory Bottle

My kids love sensory bottles when they were little.   My seven-year-old was so excited when I made mine for this video he keeps it on his homework desk now.   

This may sound silly but Picking bottle Is an important part.  I like Voss plastic bottles best, but I couldn’t find them.  The Voss bottles have a wider opening so you can fit larger items in the bottle.  Next Favorite Smart water bottles.   Both Voss and Smart have caps that secure nicely and the plastic is not flimsy.

I like my items to float slowly so I usually do a 50/50 mix of corn Syrup and warm water.  But for some reason today I did 75 Corn Syrup and 25 warm water.  I think the 50/50 blend is better. Make sure to glue the cap on.  Your bottle may look a little cloudy but will clear up soon. 


Empty Bottle – Voss or Smart bottles work really well

Corn Sryup

Items floating – hearts

Warm water

Gather supplies
Fill half way with Corn Syrup
Add in floating items and warm water
Glue cap on and shake. It may seem a little cloudy but that will go away in a little while.

Pull String Box

I made a large pull string box for a valentine’s day party many years ago. The Toddlers were about 14 months to 18 months old. They loved it. I even had one of the moms asked to keep it. Today I’m making a smaller example. The idea is simple and prepped in less than 5 mins.

Materials: Box, Ribbon, Scissors, Stickers, and rings or toys to tie on.

Find a box and decorate it.

Then make and even numbers of holes.
Thread a piece of ribbon through holes making sure it can slide easily.
Then I had some Valentine rings and bracelets I tied onto each end. You can tie knots or use small toys that are items easy for the little ones to grab onto seems to work best.

This page does contain affiliate links. I only recommend items that I have personally vetted.  I use these products, and if you buy them I’ll probably earn a small amount of money.

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