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My kids love Science Experiments. This is a great activity to teach or let kids explore with magnets. I actually love this activity because it reminds me of my Magic Key Mansion I had as a kid. This was great activity that we did during a big snow storm last year so we stuck inside and no school for most of the week. When they saw me working on this post they kept asking if we still had it and now they want to do it again. I guess I know what we will be up to this week.


Little Red Gliding Hood By Tara Lazar. This was the first of the Tara Lazar books I have read. We love this book! I actually just went to my library’s website and requested all her other books. It’s so creative, whimsical, cute, and fun to read aloud. My little ones love it. The characters are lovable. The illustrations are colorful and beautiful. A great fun Read.

Ice Breaker: How Mabel Fairbanks Changed Figure Skating By Rose ViƱa. This is a well written and illustrated book that inspires young kids to never give up on their dreams no matter what hardships on your path. This is a must read book.

Angelina Ballerina Loves Ice-Skating! By Katharine Holabird. All the Angelina books are great. They do a nice job of creating a fun and beautiful world and this book is no exception. This book also teaches kids that sometimes things don’t work they way we want them to but we can still make the best of it.


2 magnets – I used the two yellow ones in this set but these would also work.

Paper and colors 

Cardboard box lid 


Ruler – (optional)


Hot Glue Gun

Short Dowel Rod

Optional magnet fun for extending project


I think the Magnet wand actually worked better than my homemade one. If you do not have a magnet wand, the hot glue magnet to Ruler.
Color and Cut out Ice Skater

Glue Skater to Dowel Rod and Dowel to Magnet.

Cover the flat part of box with foil, Try to get it as smooth as possible. Mine is pretty wrinkly. The smoother it is the better it will work. Glue cotton balls around the edge of the box for snowbanks.

I used two kids chairs to hold the box up so my kids had plenty of room to move thier ice skater. Place your ice skater on top and use your magnet want to move them around the ice.

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