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There are so many well known Dr. Seuss Books out there. We can all probably think of 10 without even trying. But there is way more to Dr. Seuss than just the “The Cat in the Hat”. Here are some great fun books that you may have not heard. Some are out of print so hopefully your library will carry them.

What was I scared of? – This is my kids favorite book on this list. It’s a great book to help teach kids not to be afraid of things/people just because they are different. The story is definitely one of my favorites to read my boys at bedtime.  The Seuss rhyming scheme flows wonderfully in this perfect length children’s story. Some versions on the book glow in the dark! My boys love that! 

“And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” – This is Dr. Seuss’ first book! It is a must read. But sadly you may only find it at your library. Dr Seuss and his incredible creativity, his way with words, the rhythms and rhymes kids of all ages will love.  The premise of the book is a young boy whose father always wants to know how his day was and if anything exciting happened. So…the boy uses his imagination to turn an ordinary sight into a grand chaotic parade (in his mind), until he gets home and his dad predictably asks him if he saw anything unusual on his way home. Love this story!

The Butter Battle Book – Dr. Seuss takes a historic event and transforms it into one of life’s lessons that may appeal to kids and adults. The Butter Battle Book was published during the latter part of the Cold War. The story involves two communities, the Yooks and the Zooks, and they simply cannot agree which escalates to a crazy war. What could possibly this huge problem? Well its how they butter their bread.

Instead of accepting the difference, they continue to build and build bigger walls and massive machinery with the attempt that one will give up. However, neither side gives in. So where does the story end? Where it began. The Butter Battle Book is one of his classic stories that has a controversial storylines that speaks to us still today and offers a lesson.

Mc Elligots Pool – So sad to see that this book is $90 on amazon and even more expensive in other places online. So disappointing when they take great books out of print. Taking this book out of print means it will only be in the hands on collectors and not in the hands of kids where it should be. My library still has copies so hopefully you can find one at your library.

This is an incredible book about a young boy who is fishing. Then a man tells this boy that he will never catch anything in McElligot’s Pool, as there is only trash in it. The young boy then fantasizes about what he could catch. The book ends with him telling the man what he thinks he can (or will) catch. This book is about optimism and imagination. I love the book and it is a must read!

Sneetches – My son couldn’t get enough of this book when he was young. He wanted it read over and over again, and I was happy to do it for him, not only because it is so much fun to read, but also because it teaches so many good values. This will teach your children about how silly it is to prejudge, discriminate and even to constantly demand more! more! MORE! I think it puts into a child’s perspective, bullying, fairness, being nice, being equitable in our everyday relationships. To be more accepting of others and even ourselves as we are and not having to change ourselves to “fit in” with another’s pre-conceived notions of who and what we should be. This is a classic book with a modern message.

Thidwick the big-hearted Moose – This is a very different book from Seuss. It is a little darker of a book but still shares a nice lesson. There are many different opinions that this book promotes capitalism and warns the danger of socialism. But I really thought that it’s an important lesson about standing up for yourself and not to be taken advantage of. This maybe be a little tricky of a story because we want to teach our kids sharing, kindness, and generosity. But we do also need to teach our kids about toxic relationships. If we are giving too much that it is actually hurting us then that is not good either.

I had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew – I actually just read this for the first time recently. I love Suessical the Musical and the song Solla Sollew. My 7 year old is really into it too so we had to find every book. The message of this book, one of “the grass is greener” and pulling up your bootstraps to help yourself, is wonderful lesson and great for kids to hear.  Another message that rings clear in this story is staying positive all the time or only expecting good things is unrealistic. You need the negative, to appreciate the positive.

Scrambled Eggs Super! – This is another book I read for the first time recently. My boys loved it. They were impressed by the far off adventure the boy went one. They loved hearing all the silly names for the birds and the different ways they laid their eggs. Just like a fisherman exaggerating about the fish they catch, This story is about a boy that wants to make the very best scrambled eggs. And the story is fun and ridiculous and a great read!

Bartholomew and oobleck – This is a great story with a couple of good lessons. A vain ruler who thinks he can change anything he wants without consequences. This story also shows ‘magicians’ who admit they don’t know exactly what will happen which puts others in danger because of their ignorance and vanity. yet in the end, the magic words are kindness. I like the illustrations, nothing scary, very whimsical and humorous. Children like ooey gooey stuff, like that horrible green silly putty. As an adult, it’s still fun to read.

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