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My boys love Easter! What’s not to Love? Easter Egg Hunts, Dying Eggs, Family Gatherings, Easter Games, and other activities. It can be a little overwhelming to pick what to do. No matter what age child you have there will be something for everyone. Check out easy Sensory boxes for Toddlers. Easter Games for all ages. Who doesn’t love a nice Easter Snack too? Holidays are a great time to have fun and relax.

Our Favorite Easter Books

The Great Eggscape! By Jory John – My kids Love Jory John books! This is a fun Easter-ish book for your kids. Really the only thing Easter is while the Eggs are playing hide and Seek they get decorated. Well since they are Eggs Hide and Seek would be like an Egg Hunt. Jory John’s books are clever and fun. We love downloading the audio version from the Library. We actually listen to it all year round. Only bummer with the audiobook is that you don’t get see Pete Oswald’s fun illustrations.

Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt by Beatrix Potter – Out of the many Peter Rabbit books out there, this one’s a keeper. The pop-up and pull tab features are good and solid. This book incorporates so many of Potter’s popular characters which is something I love. This is one of the best Peter Rabbit and Easter books you can find.  My kids are amazed by the pop ups and the whimsical illustrations.

The Easter Egg By Jan Brett – What a great book…You can not go wrong with a Jan Brett beautifully illustrated book. This is such a great story for kiddos. It follows the journey of a little bunny, eager to impress the Easter Bunny. He becomes a little disheartened when he sees the great talents and ideas from the other bunnies. The little bunny feels he can’t “compete” with them. Kids often find them selves disappointed when things get hard. The bunny soon discovers that his selfless actions and kind heart have impressed not only the Easter Bunny, Everyone in the book. Sometimes kids need to learn that it is more important to be kind and helpful than worrying about winning.

Other Great Easter books to check Out

Easter Egg Hunt (Razzle Dazzle Books) By Chuck Murphy

Easter Surprises By Lola Schaefer – pull tabs to change picture

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

The Time of Easter By Suzanne Richterkessing

Easter Bunny (Baby Touch and Feel) Board book by Roger Priddy


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Easter Egg Decorating

Dying Eggs with shaving cream is alot of fun. It is a great way to dye eggs with babies and toddlers but my seven year old had a blast with it too. It is so easy too!


Shaving cream

Food Coloring

Zip Lock Bags

Plastic Gloves are a good idea

Silly Face Stickers (optional but awesome!)

Fill Zip Lock 2/3 of the way with shaving cream then add a couple drops of food coloring. Gently place in 2-3 eggs and seal bag.

Let your kiddo mix it around for a little while.

May be a good idea to use gloves to remove. I find it best to let them sit for awhile before wiping off the shaving cream. I usually wait an hour. you can wipe off right away but your colors will be brighter if you wait.

After an hour or so wipe off eggs and let dry.

My kids love these silly face stickers makes us think of the good egg books by Jory John.

We also like to make comic strips stories about what happens to our eggs. This one was done by my 4 year old. They don’t have to make sense. But after kids do fun activities it is a perfect time to working writing with journaling or comic stripes. You can also do prewriting activities have them think of ideas and you write down what they say.

Easter Sensory Bins




Food coloring

Ziplock bag

measuring cups or scoops

Easter Toys


Colored Rice is simple and cheap to fill sensory bins. Kids love scooping and pouring out the Rice. You can bury toys in there too and kids love digging up the surprises.

Pour rice in to fill Quart Size Zip lock bag. Then add about a table spoon of vinegar and several drops of food color.

Mix until fully covered. Then pour onto a paper towel to dry. It usually only take about an hour to dry but I usually leave it over night. You can do different colors and what until they dry to mix it up.

Pour dry rice into bin and fill with cups and toys.

Filled plastic Eggs can also make a fun Sensory Bin for toddlers. I liked the larger size eggs for this over 2 inches that way it is harder for them to put in their mouths. But always with sensory bins you need to supervise and what watch out for choking hazards.

Peep Fun

Easy Peep snack that kids will love. I used a Chocolate Twinkie, mini Marshmallows, pretzels, and a mini oreo for the steering wheel.

Making Peep Dioramas is so much fun. My kids were 3 and 5 when they made these. Looking forward to doing this again.

Play Dough Easter Fun

Free Download. Here is a cute play dough activity sheet your can download. I put it into a sheet protector and use with dry erase markers.

Egg Memory Game

There are different Memory games to p lay depending on age and ability. One for math, letters, and one for sight words. There is also a blank one that you can white or draw your own ideas. If you put it in a plastic sheet protector you can use dry erase markers and keep changing it for many different themes.

Other Easter Activities – FREE PRINTABLE

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