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The Good Egg – This book is great on so many levels and can be used for many different lessons. Some lessons are the importance of remembering we don’t have to be perfect all the time, the importance of self care and accepting ourselves and others for who they are. I love this book and I look forward to more witty and thought provoking kids books from Jory John. If you love The Bad Seed you will love The Good Egg. My boys give it big thumbs up!

The Great Eggscape! By Jory John – My kids Love Jory John books! This is a fun Easter-ish book for your kids. Really the only thing Easter is while the Eggs are playing hide and Seek they get decorated. Well since they are Eggs Hide and Seek would be like an Egg Hunt. Jory John’s books are clever and fun. We love downloading the audio version from the Library. We actually listen to it all year round. Only bummer with the audiobook is that you don’t get see Pete Oswald’s fun illustrations.

The Good Egg and the Talent Show – This book is very new right now. We were lucky to get it from our library. I think we were the first! This is a cute little story. Once again teaches a great lesson. Kids often want to be the star of the show. This book teaches the importance of helping and shows how important the people who work behind the scenes helps the show. And it is great for kids to realize all the extra behind the scenes work that needs to get done. It is also nice to show kids that if they are uncomfortable up on stage there are other ways they can be involved. Another great books from a talented author.

Ways to Dye Eggs

Acrylic Paint Pens

Egg Decorating Kit

Silly Face Stickers (optional but awesome!)


White crayon

Click here to see how to dye Eggs with Shaving cream

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