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I have the best memories of going to the beach with my family. And now I love going to the beach with my boys. Who’s ready to pack those bags, enjoy a family vacation, and chill at the beach everyday this summer. But sadly we can’t go to the beach as often as we like. So when you can’t go to the beach let’s bring the breach to us. Not only will there a great book about the beach but also a craft, activity, and a yummy snack idea. Enjoy these at home with your kiddos or invite some friends over for a fun playdate.

Lady Bug Girl at the Beach By David Soman and Jacky Davis. My boys love all the Ladybug girl books. Their favorite ones are the books that also include bubble bee boy. But a day at the beach, what could be better? While Lulu is all excited and ready to play in the ocean, it turns out to be more scarier than she thought. While Lulu learns to overcome her fear, the book follows all her activities at the beach. I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but this book shows the fun of the beach but also a lesson on over coming fear.

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Free printable (at the bottom)

Cardstock to print on

Sand (I just took some from the beach but here is some craft sand)

Liquid Glue


Print out Printable (at the bottom of the page). Trace lines with glue

Gently Sprinkle sand on glue.

Shake off extra sand and let dry.


Making Sand castles is so much fun for kids. It’s my favorite part of going to the beach too. If you are unable to go to the beach a sandbox in the back yard would be a great idea or a small container of Kinetic sand will keep kids busy too.

Snack Time


Cookies – I picked some out at the bakery section of the Grocery store.

Red Candy Melts

white and black decorating frosting

Candy eyes

Melt the candy melts as directed. I used a small crockpot. Cover about 2/3 of the cookie with the red candy melts.

Use white frosting to “glue” on candy eyes.

Use black Frosting to add wings and spots.


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