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The Scariest Book Ever is one of my kids’ favorite books. We check out this book from the library probably 5 times a year. This is more of a silly book than a scary book but still makes a great Halloween Read aloud or even better Halloween playdate with friends. Don’t except much help from the Ghost but he will miss most of the fun while being too scared but don’t worry you will not miss any of the laughs.

Make sure you check out these easy crafts, activities, and don’t forget the snacks!!!

Ghost Craft

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The Scariest Book Ever By Bob Shea

Craft Tube

White Paper to cover tube (4.5″x6″ worked for me)

Black Marker

White String or yarn

Hole Punch

White Streamers

Stick (optional)


  1. Wrap and Glue white paper around Tube. I used 4.5″x6″ and it worked perfectly but you might have to measure your tube.

2. Using a black marker color a ghost face on your tube.

3. Using a hole punch, punch two holes at the top for the string to go through. They should be on the side of face kinda wear their ears would be.

4. Cut three pieces of white streamers. I didn’t measure. Mine was about 18″ but you can make them as long or short as you like. Glue them to the inside of the bottom of the tube.

5. String length is also optional. I did about 3 feet. just depends how much you want it to hang. Thread the string through the holes. I actually forgot but you could tie the other end of the sting to the dowel rod but my kiddos loved holding onto the string and were ready to play.

Ghost Activity

  1. Color a ghost face on coffee filter

2. Fold or crumple paper so the ghost stands up.

3. Place straw under ghost and blow air up to see it fly.

Ghost Snack


Graham Crackers

White Frosting

Chocolate chips

Break the crackers into small rectangles.

Frost little rectangles.

Use 3 chocolate chips to make eyes and mouth. Could also use black decorative icing. But this ease easy and my kids LOVE chocolate chips.

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