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September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day! No better time to bust out all those pirate books and have some fun! There are so many good pirate books out there. It can be a little overwhelming which ones to pick. Here is a list of some fun Pirate tales that your kiddos will love. We also have a few suggestion to bring your pirate tales to life. Enjoy!


On a Pirate Ship by Sarah Courtauld, Benji Davie

is a gorgeous book about Pirates and their high sea adventures. It is based on realistic and historical facts about how life would actually been like for Pirates. This is not a scary story but just the day to day life of a pirate. For example, one part tells the story of how terrifying storms would have been on the open sea and then shows the consequences of that storm by having the pirates mending the sails the next day.

A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade by James Preller

This is the perfect book to prepare you for Talk Like a Pirate Day! This book tells the story of a boy going to his first day of First Grade but he make-believes he is pirate and his crew (friends) are with him throughout the entire day. An imaginative boy goes to school with his “salty crew of swabbies” by his side “sailing for adventure…” Best part is the ending and you will have to read to find out how is teacher used the boys passion and imagination to learn.

The Skeleton Pirate By David Lucas

Skeleton Pirate claims to be the Terror of the Seas, and states that he’ll never be beaten! He still makes this claims as another pirate crew throws him overboard and takes over the ship. But this does not stop the Skeleton Pirate. This is a great story of perseverance and hard work. Even thought things kept getting harder and harder, the Skeleton Pirate would “never be beaten”. The fun illustrations and silly situations will surely entertain your little buccaneer.

Pirate’s Perfect Pet By Beth Ferry

Another perfect pirate tale is what you get when you read Pirate’s Perfect Pet by Beth Ferry. This daring and fearless, Captain Crave leads a band of pirates. He believes he’s got exactly what a pirate should have . . . until a magazine prints a lists of everything a Pirate needs. Captain Crave has everything: ship, treasure, an eye patch, a hook, and a peg leg. But he’s missing one item – a pet! But what is a perfect pirate pet? No one on the crew knows, and so Captain Crave sets out to find just the right pet.

Best Pirate By Dean Griffiths and Kari-Lynn Winters

This pirate book is a fun story about two underdogs ….. well i guess underdog and undercat. Not only are they overlooked on their own crews but are sworn enemies. Both were determined to find the treasure on their own yet when things naturally don’t go right in the end they work together

Pirates don’t change Diapers By Melinda Long and David Shannon

This book was my kiddos favorite pirate book…. probably because it has the word diapers in the title. What would you do if a pirate crew showed up at your house to dig up their buried treasure? Well, Jeremey says they first need to help with babysitting duties for his little sister before they can dig for treasure. If the crew can’t keep her quiet, there’ll be no treasure digging. This book is humorous and loaded with pirate jargon, this tale is sure to bring a laugh.

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Create pirate Telescope with paper towel tubes and black construction paper
Make a treasure map around your house or in the yard.
Make a boat out of a cardboard box.

On vacation, we were able to see Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. This dinner and show was so much fun the kids loved all the acrobatics and daring dives into the water.

Download Free Pirate Hat Craft

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