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You can make a splash by hosting a low prep beach-themed bash!  With summer just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the sunny season than by throwing a beach-themed party or play date for your kids? Whether you have access to a sandy shore or simply want to bring the beach vibes to your backyard, this entertaining idea is sure to make a splash among your little ones and their friends. From sandcastle competitions to ocean ice cream floats and super easy craft, a beach-themed gathering promises endless fun and a memorable experience for everyone involved.

So, dust off your beach gear, get creative, and embark on a journey to create the ultimate beach-inspired extravaganza. Let the sun, sand, and smiles come together to make this a summer celebration your kids will treasure for years to come!

Beach Books to check out

Seashells: More Than a Home” is a captivating book that explores the beauty, significance, and cultural importance of seashells. With engaging prose and stunning illustrations, it takes readers on a fascinating journey through the world of these intricate creations. From their diverse shapes and colors to their historical and scientific significance, this book offers a concise and enjoyable read for anyone curious about the wonders of seashells.

Cat’s Not-So-Perfect Sandcastle” is a delightful children’s book filled with lovable characters, vibrant illustrations, and valuable life lessons. It celebrates resilience, teamwork, and the beauty of imperfection. With its positive messages and engaging storytelling, this book is sure to captivate young readers and leave them with a smile on their faces. A must-have addition to any child’s library!

Dude!” by Aaron Reynolds is a laugh-out-loud children’s book filled with humor, vibrant illustrations, and valuable messages about friendship. With its clever writing and engaging artwork, this lively adventure is sure to entertain readers of all ages. Prepare for a hilarious and enjoyable reading experience!

Standard Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission from purchases you make through the links in this post.

Super Easy Craft

Dive into creativity with your kids! Decorating sea shells is an amazing activity that brings joy and nature together. Ours was a big party so we stuck with just markers. But you can let their imaginations soar as they paint, add glitter, and personalize each shell. It’s a memorable experience that sparks curiosity and creates beautiful keepsakes. Embrace the magic of the ocean and make special memories with your little artists.


Sea shells

Starfish and Sand dollars

Permanent Markers

Table Covering

Optional – Glitter, paint, wiggly eyes, pom poms, etc.

Sandcastle STEM cup game

Let’s get hands-on with STEM! Who knew building sandcastles could be a fascinating science experiment? Gather some cups, head to the “beach”, and let’s dive into a sandcastle-building adventure with a twist! This activity not only promotes critical thinking and spatial awareness but also nurtures patience and resilience. Children may encounter setbacks as their creations teeter or topple over, but these challenges offer valuable lessons in perseverance and the iterative nature of problem-solving.


Yellow Plastic Cups

Rubber bands 


Dowel Rods

Craft foam

Hot glue 

Free Printable of challenges down below.

Free Printable of Challenges are below

In groups of 4 each person holds onto the string. And try to stack the cups with out touching them with your hands. You will need to work together and problem solve to see who can build the best “sandcastle”.

Ocean Floats

No party is complete without a delicious and fun snack! And we have just the treat that will make a splash at your gathering: Ocean Ice Cream Floats! Your guests take their first sip, their taste buds will be treated to the perfect blend of creamy sweetness and refreshing fizz. The Ocean Ice Cream Floats are not just a delightful treat but also a feast for the eyes, guaranteed to make everyone smile and feel like they’re diving into a scrumptious ocean adventure! So, get ready to make waves at your next party with these incredible Ocean Ice Cream Floats. It’s a refreshing and whimsical snack that will leave your guests asking for more!

Vanilla Ice Cream

Lemon Lime soda

Blue Hawaiian Punch


Swedish fish


Other Fun Activities

Looking to add some beachy fun to your next party? Here’s a fantastic idea that will bring smiles and create lasting memories! Why not give each person a beach ball as a party favor? But here’s the twist: encourage them to have their friends sign the ball or decorate it with colorful markers!

This activity not only adds an element of creativity and personalization but also serves as a wonderful keepsake from the event. Imagine the joy on their faces as they exchange laughs and conversations while decorating their beach balls together. It’s a fantastic icebreaker that brings people closer and sparks fun interactions!

Beach Balls

Permanent Markers

Bingo is always a hit with kids! Make it even more fun by offering plenty of exciting prizes. Get ready for laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable memories!

Beach theme Bingo

Optional prizes




beach balls

beach theme party favors

Standard Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission from purchases you make through the links in this post.

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