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Toddler time with a great book The Very Busy Spider will be great for a toddler bookclub or playdate. This fun sensory bin will keep your little one busy and entertained. This easy prep activity would make a great playdate that will have all the moms thinking you are a Super mom or my personal favorite “the fun” mom. Who knew my nerdiness would finally be cool.

Very Busy Spider is a great story that teaches focus and hard work will be rewarded. This book is an excellent choice to teach science. You can focus in on the different animals in the book or the steps to build a web. The amazing illustrations show the process a spider goes through to make an orb web. My kids love the texture and shininess of the silk in the illustrations. You can dive deeper into a science lesson comparing insects and spiders. Check out all the fun we can have learning about Spiders!!

Sensory Bins for Toddlers

Sensory bins are hands-on activities that encourage kiddos to explore using their senses.  Sensory play can calm, focus, and engage your child. You can create different bins to introduce your child to different textures, smells, and tastes. There are many benefits of doing sensory bins with your child. They will be able to practice fine motor skills. Creating different bins for your child will allow them to practice scooping, grasping, stirring, and pouring with a variety of tools. Make sure to check back to this page for Toddler Activities to see more different types of sensory bins. These bins can easily adapted to use with older kiddos too. My 6 year old loves when I bring out water beads, moon sand, and other sensory bins.


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Basket with holes


Plastic spiders





  1. Get a storage basket that has holes in it.

2. Tie the yarn to the basket then thread through to create web.

3. Add Spiders.

4. Use tweezers or other grabber tools to start playing.

Ways to use this Bin

  1. Let your child use different types of tweezers to pull out spiders or have them climb on the web.

2. Retell the story, grab a few toy animals to ask the spider to do things and let your child answer “The spider didn’t answer. She was very busy spinning her web.”

3. Use a dice or flashcards. Let your child count out that many spiders. They could also do addition and subtraction problems too.

4. Your Child can practice their cutting skills by cutting the yarn.

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