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The Very Clumsy Click Beetle is a book that I adore! If you haven’t read this book, You should! Eric Carle does a nice job teaching life lessons to kids in a way that they truly enjoy. This book teaches perseverance which I don’t know about your kiddos but mine need to hear over and over. The Clumsy Click Beetle is trying to learn from the wise old beetle how to click, flip, and not land on his back. I love how he has a good attitude and keeps trying over and over until he finally gets it. I also love at the beginning of the book, the wise old beetle tells him that he will help him in the morning and he might as well get some sleep now. Another great lessons for kiddos. Sometimes problems don’t need to get fixed right away. Sometimes we need to get a good night sleep before we can deal with those problems. Perseverance and patience are important lessons for our kids to learn so might as while have some fun learning them why reading The Very Clumsy Click Beetle. But now, It’s craft time!

Read Aloud Questions

Before Reading

  • What does the word Clumsy mean?
  • What do you think will happen to the Clumsy Click Beetle?

During Reading

  • Why do you think the Click beetle is climbing a Tree?
  • Why is the word “HELP” in capital letters?
  • How do you think the Click beetle felt when he fell out of the Tree?
  • Why doesn’t the old click beetle teach him right away?
  • Why do you think the others animals keep telling him what to do?

After Reading

  • How do you think the Click Beetle felt at the end of the book?
  • What do you think will happen next?
  • What have you wanted to do that was hard to learn?
  • Who helped you learn that new thing?
  • What would you tell someone who is having trouble learning something?


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The Very Clumsy Click Beetle by Eric Carle

Print off of Click Beetle

Tempera Paint Sticks

Hole punch (optional)

Pipe Cleaners (optional)



Clothes Pins

Wiggly Eyes


  1. Make sure to Download your free printable to make your click beetle. Color your click beetle. I love Tempera Paint Sticks but markers and crayons are also good.

2. Cut out click beetle. You can cut out the legs provided. Another option is you can cut the legs off, use a hole puncher, and twist pipe cleaners through the holes for legs.

3. Use Glue to draw a design on your Click beetle and shake on some glitter.

4. Glue on some wiggle eyes.

6. Glue on a clothes pin to the back of your click beetle. ( I originally used plastic clothes pins but they did not stay on ever well. I found the wooden ones attached better). Wait for it to fully dry before clicking.

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