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Taking my boys to see the Super Mario movie was an amazing experience. As soon as they saw their favorite characters on the big screen, their eyes lit up with excitement and wonder. They laughed, cheered, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the film. The best part was watching them enjoy the show.

After the movie, their love for all things Mario only grew stronger. They headed straight to the library to find Mario books and games, and we spent countless hours reading, crafting, and having Mario-themed fun. It was heartwarming to see them so passionate and engaged, and I was grateful to be able to share in their joy.

Overall, it was a wonderful family experience that we will always cherish. The Super Mario movie sparked a new interest in my boys and brought us closer together. I can’t wait to see where their love for Mario takes them next! Here are some of the fun things we did this past week.

The Super Mario Bros. movie book was an absolute joy to read! It perfectly captured the adventurous spirit of the Mario movie, and the illustrations were stunning. This book obviously can’t retell the whole movie in a short book but my kids loved it. As a long-time fan of the games, I was thrilled to see my favorite characters brought to life in a whole new way. It’s a must-read for any Mario fan, young or old.

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Mario and Luigi Race Craft

Making a craft where Mario and Luigi race is going to be so much fun! Not only is it a great way to encourage creativity and imagination in kids, but it also brings to life the exciting world of Super Mario in a hands-on way. Once the racers are complete, I can’t wait to watch my kids engage in friendly competition as they race their creations against each other. It’s going to be a blast to see their imaginations run wild as they come up with new ways to play with their Mario and Luigi racers. Overall, crafting with a Super Mario theme is an amazing way to spend quality time with kids while also fostering their creativity and imagination. I’m excited to see what kind of fun and exciting creations we can come up with together!



Blue Paper


4 bottle caps

4 Dowel Rods

Free Printable – See Below





Print off your Free Download at the bottom of this page. I used card stock. Then Decide if you want Mario and Luigi Run the Race or will they use their cars. I decided to go with cars.

Color and cut out the other decorations too.

Cut two slits in the box to be the racing track.

Wrap the box with blue paper.

Poke a hole into two of the bottle caps. Tread the Dowel Rod trough then hot glue Mario and Luigi to the dowel rod above the cap. Then hot glue 2 other dowel rods to two bottle caps.

Poke a hole for the dials and decorate the box to make your race track.

Flip the box over and tie a string just longer than the slits one to Mario to his dial. Repeat for Luigi.

Time To Play.

Piranha Plant Movie Making Activity

Making a movie-making machine about a Piranha Plant just like the ones we saw in the Super Mario Bros movie is going to be such an exciting and creative project! I can’t wait to see my kids’ faces light up as we put our crafting skills to work and create our own personalized movie-making machine. Download the Free Printable and with the Piranha Plant as our inspiration, we will be able to incorporate our love for Super Mario into our craft in a fun and interactive way. Creating a movie-making machine about a Piranha Plant is a fantastic way to engage in some quality family time while also fostering creativity, imagination, and teamwork. I can’t wait to see what kind of fun and exciting movies we can create together. next!


Free Printable – See Below

Paper plate

Black paper


Pencil with eraser

Push pin



Download and print Free Printable at the bottom of the page.

Glue black construction paper to the back of the Printable.

Cut out and trim off extra black paper.

Tape Together the two pieces to form a circle.

Tape or glue your movie maker to a paper plate.

Push a thumb tack to the center of the plate.

Under the plate, push the pin into a pencil with eraser.

Let your kids spin and enjoy the show.

Piranha Plant Snack

Making a Piranha Plant snack is going to be a fun and tasty activity to do with my kids. We will get creative with ingredients and make it healthy too. It’s a great way to bond over our love for Super Mario and promote healthy eating habits. I’m excited to see their faces light up when we make our very own edible Piranha Plants!



Green Grapes

Bamboo Skewer

2 Green paper bowls


Green strip of paper

Add a strip of paper around the bowl to make it look like a drain pipe from the game.

Cut large strawberry to look like Piranha Plant mouth.

Add strawberry and grapes to bamboo Skewer.

Color the bottom of another bowl green and cut it slightly shorter than the larger bowl. Then, fill the larger bowl with Play-Doh. Thread a skewer through the top of the smaller bowl and stick it into the Play-Doh, so it stands upright

Time to Enjoy! These are perfect for playdates or birthday parties.

Standard Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission from purchases you make through the links in this post.

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