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Wow, “Dog Man: 20,000 Fleas Under the Sea” is an absolute hit! My kids couldn’t put this book down and kept asking for more. The story is engaging, the illustrations are fantastic, and the humor is spot-on for kids of all ages. I love how this book combines action, adventure, and heart, teaching important lessons about friendship, perseverance, and teamwork along the way. My kids were hooked from the first page, and I have a feeling they’ll be rereading this book for years to come. Dav Pilkey has once again created a masterpiece that will be enjoyed by kids (and adults) of all ages. If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining read for your kids, “Dog Man: 20,000 Fleas Under the Sea” is definitely the way to go!

Evil Submarine Craft

Making an evil submarine to retell the story of “Dog Man: 20,000 Fleas Under the Sea” will be an egg-citing and imaginative activity for kids. They’ll love the challenge of creating their own unique version of the submarine and bringing the story to life in their own way. With endless possibilities for design and decoration, this activity will inspire creativity and spark the imagination of young readers.


Plastic bottle

2 – 3 inch dowl rods

5 bottle caps

hot glue – optional

flexible straw

Jumbo Straw

Craft Foam

Dixi Cup


Piggy (optional)

Dogman (optional)

Cut Jumbo Straw into two pieces about the width of your bottle. Then Cut your dowel rods to be about an inch longer than that.
Hot Glue Jumbo straw to the bottom of the bottle.
Glue the cap to one end of the dowel rod. Let Dry. Then thread through Jumbo straw and Glue other cap to the end.
You can either draw a Piggy and Dogman or go to Scholastic to print off ones at home.
Use the craft foam to design your evil submarine. Add Piggy’s head to a bottle cap. Then add details to make it look like a porthole.
Add foam details, straw for periscope, and Portholes.
Either draw Dog Man on cup or use coloring sheets from scholastic. Glue a magnet on the bottle and cup making sure the polls repel each other. That way Dog man can chase the submarine.

ADHD Balloon Fun

Making a balloon 80-HD character is a fun and exciting STEM activity for kids. Using simple materials like balloons, straws, and string, kids can build their own 80-HD character and launch them across the room. This activity encourages creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills as kids experiment with different designs and adjust their rockets for optimal performance. It’s also a great way to teach kids about concepts like air pressure, thrust, and acceleration in a hands-on and engaging way.


Free Printable – See below

Scotch Tape


Painter’s Tape


Jumbo Straw

Download and print free printable at the bottom of this page.
Color and cut out. I colored the front and back of my paper.
There are two ways to play. First, blow up and tie and Orange balloon. Use Scotch tape to on 80-HD features.
Let your kids hope 80-HD fly around your house.
Or….. Thread a jumbo straw with a long pice of string. Tie each ends to a chair. Color and cut out 80-HD parts. Blow up balloon but this time do NOT knot it. Use scotch tape to attach 80-HD parts.
Use painter’s tape to attach 80-HD to straw. Then let go the balloon and see what happens.

Evil Submarine Snack

Creating an evil submarine snack inspired by “Dog Man: 20,000 Fleas Under the Sea” will be a deliciously fun activity for kids. They’ll love using their imaginations to come up with unique designs and decorations, and the end result will be a tasty treat that’s sure to delight. With endless possibilities for flavors and ingredients, this activity will be a hit with young chefs and foodies alike.

Twinkies or Zingers


Fruit loops

Flexible straw

Chocolate Chips

Collect all the Ingredients.
Open Zinnger
Using the frosting like glue. On the Front, add on two fruit loops and one chocolate chip to make the point of the submarine.
Using the Frosting as glue, add on portholes one each side. I did 6 total.
Cut a flexible straw and add to top. This will make a periscope.
Finally add in some chocolate chips to look like the spikes on the submarine.

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