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Embarking on a space-themed adventure is an absolute blast that opens up a world of creativity and excitement! 🚀🌌 From crafting our very own rockets and constellations to engaging in educational activities that unveil the wonders of the cosmos, every moment is filled with awe and inspiration. And let’s not forget about those cosmic snacks that add an extra sprinkle of fun to the experience. As we explore the universe through crafts, activities, and delicious treats, the joy of discovery ignites our imaginations and sparks curiosity. 🪐✨ Want to join in the cosmic fun? Gather your friends for an out-of-this-world space-themed kids book club where we’ll explore galaxies in books, discuss our favorite constellations, and indulge in treats that are as delightful as stargazing. 📚🪐 Let’s create memories that are truly stellar and inspire a love for learning that’s as vast as the universe itself! 🌠🌟

Penguinaut! Book

🌟 “Penguinaut!” is an absolute delight from start to finish! 🚀🐧 This charming picture book, penned by Marcie Colleen and brought to life by Emma Yarlett’s whimsical illustrations, is a heartwarming adventure that captures the imagination of both young and old.

🌌 The story follows a courageous penguin with big dreams – dreams of exploring space as an astronaut! With determination and a little ingenuity, our penguin hero takes us on a journey that’s as entertaining as it is inspiring. The tale is filled with valuable life lessons that kids will love to learn about: perseverance, friendship, and the joy of pursuing one’s dreams.

🌈 What makes “Penguinaut!” truly special is its ability to convey complex themes in a simple and relatable way. Through the penguin’s adventures, young readers will grasp the concepts of bravery, teamwork, and the power of imagination – lessons that will resonate with them long after the story ends.

Rocket Craft

Embark on an enchanting journey of creativity and laughter with your child as you craft a paper cup rocket that defies gravity and launches into the sky. Transforming ordinary materials into a soaring vessel of imagination is pure magic. And when you finally release your rocket into the air, the shared excitement and joy are truly unforgettable. It’s not just a craft; it’s a memory that captures the essence of exploration and the bond you share. Get ready for a simple yet exhilarating adventure that will leave both you and your child beaming with delight.


Free Printable – See below

Construction paper – optional



Paper cups


Rubber band

Down load free Printable down below.

Either Color and Cute out the pieces OR use the print out as a stencil and cut the pieces out of construction paper. If you are using as a stencil might help if you print on card stock.

Need to make the Launching mechanism on your rocket. Cut two slits on each side of the cup. Then fold the flaps up. Hook on a rubber band to one flap then cross it to make an X. Then hook the rubber band to the other side.

Attach cone, fins, and windows so we can see out brave Penguinaut.

Place your rocket onto of another cup. Pull down and release. Watch the Penguinaut soar!!!

Penguinaut Activity

Engaging in a quick and easy rocket craft with your kids is an absolute blast! With just a free printable and a straw, you’re set for an adventure that’s both simple and exciting. The process is a breeze – download the printable, let your creativity run wild with coloring, and carefully cut out your rocket. Then comes the magic moment: attach the rocket to a straw, give it a gentle exhale, and watch in awe as your creation takes to the air, soaring on your breath. The joy on your kids’ faces as they witness their masterpiece soar is truly priceless. This activity combines fun, imagination, and a touch of science in a way that captures hearts and ignites imaginations. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together and create lasting memories that will leave you all grinning from ear to ear.


Free Printable – down below





Download Free Printable at the bottom of this page.

Color and Cut out rocket but also cut out and keep rectangle for later.

Fold the rectangle and make a pocket for a straw to fit in.

Tape the pocket to the back of the rocket.

Place rocket on straw and let the kids go wild!!

Constellation Snack Time!

Elevate snack time into an interactive and whimsical experience with your kids or during a playful playdate. Dive into the world of culinary creativity by crafting your very own constellation snacks using just pretzel sticks and marshmallows. The process is as delightful as the outcome – watch as their eyes light up while threading pretzel stars onto marshmallow dots, creating their own edible starry arrangements. This snack not only fills tummies but also ignites young imaginations, turning a simple treat into a mini adventure. As they savor the constellations they’ve assembled, you’ll find that these shared moments of creativity and enjoyment become cherished memories that twinkle just as brightly as the stars above.


Constellation printable down below

Mini marshmallows

Pretzel sticks.

Download Free Printable below

Only need two ingredients: Mini Marshmallows and Pretzels

Create constellation using the free download or make your own constellations.

Rocket Craft Download

Activity Printout, Snack Printout, and some more Fun!!

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