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I have read this book a million times to my kids. Not sure if they love it because it is about space or because they call their Grandpa Papa. I also like to put my boy’s names in the story for the main character. (sorry Monica). That small connection of them imaging themselves in the story with their Papa truly makes it magical.

This Book is a great story that connects reality and imagination. Kids will notice the reality that the moon is sometimes bigger, smaller, or even gone. Kids will often wonder why or where it goes. Then Eric Carle gives us one fun and imaginative reason for where the moon goes. Afterwards, it would be fun to think up other silly ideas of where the moon goes when you can’t see it at night. Older kids can start studying about the moons phases and how they happen.

Questions to ask while you read

  • Why did Monica want the moon?
  • Could Monica reach the moon?
  • How did Papa reach the moon?
  • What did the moon say to Papa?
  • What did Monica do with the moon?
  • What happened to the moon and why?
  • Was the moon gone forever?
  • What would you do if you could play with the moon?
  • Do you think her Papa really got the moon for her? What do you think happens to the moon?

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Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle

6 cups of all Purpose Flour

1 Cup of Baby Oil

Plastic Cups

Space Toys


  1. Add 6 Cups Flour

2. Pour in one Cup of Baby oil

3. Stir

4. Break up Big Clumps with your hands until smooth.

5. Play!

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