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The Very Lonely Firefly is about feeling lonely and finding friends. This is an issue that many children struggle with especially at the beginning of a new school year or other new activity. We see how the firefly is hopeful when following different lights then is disappointed to find it was not a friend. The important theme in this book is that the firefly keeps looking and at the end is able to find many friends. This is an excellent book for kids if they are struggling to make friends. It will help them to see that if they keep looking they will eventually find the perfect group of friends. My boys also love the surprise on the last page!

Hand print crafts are my favorites and they are the ones that I keep in their memory boxes. I love looking back on how small their hand were and remembering all the fun and challenges of that age. I hope this sweet craft warms your heart also!

Read Aloud Questions

What is the firefly looking for?

How does the Firefly feel?

How can we help a friend that is feeling lonely?

What do you think is making the noise?

Why do you think the animals are being so noisy?

How do they think the firefly felt when he found the other fireflies?

Know what we know what was making the noise. Why do you think the dog was barking?


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The Very Lonely Firefly By Eric Carle

Ink Pad

Print out

Construction Paper – Green, White, Yellow, and Brown

Wiggly Eyes





  1. Make 4 hand prints for wings. I love these ink pads for hand prints. They are the perfect size for little hands and come in many different colors.

2. Cut out your 4 hand prints to make the wings of your firefly.

3. Down load the free stencil and print onto cardstock. Cut out the stencil pieces. The trace and cut the circle on green paper.

4. Trace and cut the light on Yellow paper. (mine looks white here because we are using a glittery yellow paper that had a white back)

5. Trace and cut the brown body.

6. Glue the green head onto the brown body

7. Glue on the light to the bottom of the body.

8. Glue on wings and make a face for your firefly. Enjoy to your

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