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Do your kids wake up complaining they are bored. Nothing to do.  No toys to play with.  As they are literally surrounded with toys in every room of the house.  If only there was a way to get them excited about the toys they have.  Well guess what. There is.. and I know you can do it easily. Back in March of 2020, my busy boys that are always one the go were now stuck at home.  After a couple of days, they were bored with all their toys.  So I collected random toys all over our house and made a Vet.  I did not buy one thing for dramatic play set up.  I will put links below if you are interested but you will probably be surprised what you can find in your house.

   This page does contain affiliate links. I only recommend items that I have personally vetted. 

I use these products, and if you buy them I’ll probably earn a small amount of money.


Dr. Seuss’s Book of Animals – What’s not to love about Dr. Seuss?! It tangled my tongue like all his other books so the kids loved it! It’s a mix of real and fictional creatures that has wonderful teaching moments.  Dr. Seuss plays with words like a musical instrument.

Maybe You Should Fly a Jet! Maybe You Should Be a Vet! – The text is full of whimsy and charm describing the endless possibilities of vocations out there in the world. Kelly Kennedy’s illustrations are fresh, engaging and guaranteed to capture the imagination. Every colorful page is filled with happy people employed in meaningful work, from the pizza maker to the plumber to the astronaut. It’s a positive book for every child who dreams of doing something special when they grow up!


Cardboard boxes

Towels or baby blankets

Lots of Stuffed animals

Clip board and Pens

Doctor Kit

Connecting 1 inch blocks or a tape measure

Scale – I used the one from this Set but any kitchen scale would work.

Light Box Drawing or a clear storage container with Christmas lights

Crayola Light Up Activity Board or Desk lamp

Vet Clinic Activity

I set up our Vet Clinic on our train table but any table will do.
I taped together a bunch of cardboard boxes for the animal crates. I used dishtowels and baby blankets for the bottom on their crates. I gathered up all the stuffed animals around our house for Patients.
Your kids can take one animal out of the crates at a time to bring them over to the pet clinic.
I had some pretend shampoo containers for grooming pets. You could use empty bottles too.
Our Doctor Kit had pretend scissors to help with grooming the animals.
They can start by filling their pet information sheet. Please see free printable at the bottom of this page.
We have a couple different Doctor Kits setting the tools out in trays or on a table.
You kids can measure and record how long your animal is on the form.
We used these Math cubes for our measuring tool. These Connecting 1 inch blocks Each block is one inch. You could use a measuring tape too.
Next, your kiddo can weight and record the animal’s weight. We used the scale from this Set. But any kitchen scale would also work.
The Xray room is up next! I have a free printable for xrays at the bottom of this page.
To take the Xray, we used an Crayola light-up board. But we have had ours for many years and couldn’t find it online anymore. So I gave the link to one that is a newer model: Crayola Light Up Activity Board. But I also thought a desk lamp might also work for this step.
For the light box, I had one once again from when I was in collage So can’t find the model I have. A friend of mine suggested this one: Light Box Drawing. But you can also make a light box with a clear container and some Christmas lights.
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