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It all starts easy enough. Oh, play this game on your tablet… it’s educational. Oh, they had a a long day a school its ok to relax and play video games. Let’s a family movie night. These are all great things. But Slowly Slowly the screen time increases until you find yourself with a couch potato. Or in my case a whole couch potato family! Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying Screen time is a bad thing. But too much of anything is…

But how do we get these kiddos back out enjoying things when they rather be playing with technology. Or as my 5 year old says “I just want anything with a screen”. Well dont’ worry we have the prefect book that…


The Couch Potato By Jory John – I could not explain my excitement for this book! I enjoyed every bit of reading it, especially to my boys who tend to think the tablet or switch is better than some nice fresh air and a bike ride! This Book is totally witty, totally funny, totally PERFECT!!!! I have every book from this collection and we love it just as much as the others. Highly recommend this books and other stories by Jory John.

Potato Pet Craft

This page does contain affiliate links. I only recommend items that I have personally vetted.  I use these products, and if you buy them I’ll probably earn a small amount of money.



Sticker Wiggle Eyes

Pipe Cleaners




Other Craft supplies

Gather up all those craft random craft supplies and let’s have some fun.

Use Sticker Wiggle Eyes and markers to make a face

You can use Pipe Cleaners to make ears, legs, or hair.
Use Feathers and other craft supplies to decorate.
Here is another example. There are not rules for this one. Have fun and create a funny pet


If you are looking for outdoor games and relays to play please check out Clifford Playdate. There is a whole list of activities to do. I bought a lot of potatoes for this blog so we are going to do another potato activity. My. kids love arts and crafts so this was a great way to distract them from their tablets.



Cookie Cutter




Cut the potatoes so that your cookie cutters will fit on the flat surface.
Press the Cookie cutter into the potato. Cut around with a knife.
Remove the excess to reveal an awesome stamp
Repeat with as many different Stamps as you like….
Now time to bring in the little ones. Dipping the potatoes into the paint and pressing them down onto the paper. I rolled out large white sheets of paper so the could make murals or we like to use it for wrapping paper.



Potatoes (yes more potatoes)

Oil (we used peanut)


French Fry Cutter (optional but my kids LOVE this part)

Air Fryer (ninja)

Wash your potatoes. We did about 5 pounds
My kids love this part but make sure you are supervising them the whole time. We use a French Fry Cutter. This one is amazing it has suction cups so it doesn’t slide away on you. A large handle that kids can easily grab onto and makes french fry cutting so easy. If you do not have one just have a grown up cut up with a knife.
Let your Fries soak in cool water for 30 mins to get some starch out.
After the 30 mins Drain your French Fries
Make sure to dry the Fries completely. The drier your fries the crispier they will become.
Add enough oil to evenly coat the potatoes. I think we added about 2 tablespoon. We used Peanut oil but other oils work too. You just want to check the burn temp on the oils. We used olive oil the other day and they stated a little burnt. So recommend peanut or avocado oil. oh yeah sorry for the clutter in our kitchen. You will not find any cleaning tips on the blog.

Place in basket of air fryer. Bake 10 mins at 400 degrees. Give the basked a shake and about another 10 mins. Every air flyer is going to be a little different. After you pull them out add some salt and then enjoy.

Free Printable Activities

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