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Our family love Super Bowl weekend. It is fun to have friends over and watch the game. The kids love it too… well for a little while. So it is always a good idea to have some easy low prep activities for them to keep them busy. At the bottom make sure you download your Free Printable!

Football with Dad by Frank Berrios – My husband is very into NFL Football! I bought this as a gift from my boys for father day. It is all about how Sundays are special days for the boy and his dad enjoying football. This book taught my boys some rules of football, however it is more of a cute story than an instruction manual. My boys love it and great read before a big game!

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Print off Activity at the bottom of this page




Tissues or Cotton to stuff football

Football Game

  1. Print off all three copies of Football Game and Color

2. Cut out. Fold tabs so player stand ups. Have fun!

Lacing the Football

  1. Print and color footballs

2. Cut out football

3. stack the two football with the color sides out. Then Hole punch on grey dots.

3. Weave the two together. Go about 3/4 of the way around

4. Stuff with tissues, cotton, or crushed paper.

5. Finish Lacing and tie off the end.

6. Have fun!

Free Football Printable

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