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So many great Dr. Seuss books out there! I remember reading these books when I was little and am enjoying reading them with my kids. From “The Cat in the Hat” to “Horton Hears a who”, his iconic characters, stories, and doodling style art work have been a lasting influence on generations. His imagination is inspiring for young kids to think beyond what is normal. And to remember that anything is possible even fishing in McElligot’s pool. My boys have even been listening to Seussical the Musical which is a fun production that intertwines many of his stories.


Dr. Seuss: The Great Doodler By Kate Klimo – I just read this book to my kids. My son loved the book. He thought it was great that you could see what book he was working on by looking at illustration. This Bio is a great age appropriate for young kids. My son loved it. t is short and simple biography about Dr. Seuss. If you are looking to read to young children more about Dr. Seuss life , this book will do it.

Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat is probably the most popular Dr Seuss book. I love this book even though it doesn’t have the greatest examples such as Thing 1 & 2 wreck the house. The Cat in The Hat does fixes it later. Which is a great lesson that after we are done having fun we need to clean up our messes. It also is good for teaching different perspectives. It is great to see that when the cat in the hat realizes the kids aren’t liking his games and tries something else. This is a very important for kids to learn. Paing attention to how our friends are reacting to our games and trying to make sure everyone is having fun.

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Cat in the Hat Puppet


Colors or construction paper

Brown Paper Lunch bag



White paper

Printable – Cat in Hat 1 and 2 (at bottom of page)

Print and Color Cat in the hat Printable 1 and 2
Cut out
Trace and cut out hands on white paper. Then Glue to paper bag.
You can also use the printout as a stencil. Then trace the pieces on construction paper.

Thing 1 and 2


Blue ink or paint

White paper


Red paper

Craft tube

Thing 1 printable

Make a blue handprint on white paper and cut it out.
Print out FREE Thing 1 Printable. You can mix or match lables or make your own Thing.
Cut out and get ready to assemble
Glue red paper around Tube
Glue on hand for hair and then the face.
Glue on Tummy label

McElligot’s Pool

McElligot’s Pool By Dr. Seuss – So sad to see that this book is $90 on amazon and even more expensive in other places online. So disappointing when they take great books out of print. Taking this book out of print means it will only be in the hands on collectors and not in the hands of kids where it should be. My library still has copies so hopefully you can find one at your library.

This is an incredible book about a young boy who is fishing. Then a man tells this boy that he will never catch anything in McElligot’s Pool, as there is only trash in it. The young boy then fantasizes about what he could catch. The book ends with him telling the man what he thinks he can (or will) catch. This book is about optimism and imagination. I love the book and it is a must read!

Fish Craft


FREE Printable fish (down below)

Card stock to print on



Circle stickers


Hole punch

Download printable (at the bottom) and print onto cardstock. Color face and fins of Fish.
Start adding circle stickers to look like colorful gills.
Cut out fish.
Punch 6 holes into the tail of the fish
Tread ribbon through the holes
Tie ribbons for tale.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss – Simple fun book with bright pictures and a lot of repetition which helped my son to recognize new words. We have read this book repeatedly at bedtime and it wasn’t long before he was able to read it himself. Its a cute fun story and great for picky eaters. We often remind our kids that Sam ended up likely something he didn’t think he would but first he had to try it.


Printable (at bottom of this page)

Card stock to print on

Cardboard box

Yellow and Blue Paint


 Paper plate

Green Giant Pom Poms

Green Eggs and Ham Craft

Print Printable on cardstock and place in box
Add in a little yellow and blue paint
Add marbles to box and roll marbles through paint.
I think this was done a little while ago but my little on wanted total coverage. There is no right answer. What ever y’all like is right.
Cut out your green eggs and ham
Glue Pom Poms to eggs. Then Glue all to a plate. Now you can enjoy your green eggs and ham here or there. In your house and hopefully not with a mouse.

My Many Color Days

My Many Colored Days – I’d never seen​ this Dr. Seuss book before I was an adult. I’m not even sure how it got in our house. Someone must have gifted it to us when my boys were little. However, the story is AWESOME. The story takes emotions and makes them visible, which is so helpful for kids. I love that it explains that you can be any number of colors but makes the point that in the end, you’re YOU, not your emotions.

My Many Colored Ice Sculptures


Ice Trays more different shapes the better

Squirt Bottles

Food Coloring


Use fun shape ice Cube trays. I had hearts, pigs and the regular cubes
Mix food color in water. Pour into trays.
This part you have to do outside and below freezing. You spray water to connect the ice cubes. The water freezes and connects them. If you have snow you could use that inside of the spray bottle.
Have fun Creating

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