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Ninjas have an interesting history and kids are fascinated by them. They have focus, skill, and patiences which are all skills great for kids. They are a cross between fighters and spies. You also need to be on your toes with ninjas because they can be the heroes or the bad guys. This is such a fun topic to explore with them and have fun crafting too. My boys love with ninjas. Ever since we read “The Secrets of Ninja School ” my boys wanted to go to Ninja school. My boys are on cloud nine right now because they just started Martial arts classes.

Ninja Books

The Secrets of Ninja School By Deb Pilutti -A story of self discovery, persistence and conquering your fears. Ruby is sent to ninja school but learning all the ninja skills doesn’t come easily for her. With an engaging storyline and amusing pictures, this is a fantastic read aloud for all children, but it will be particularly reassuring to children who may take longer to find success at school than their classmates. I specifically love the message that with hard work and practice everyone’s strengths will eventually be revealed.

Ninja Baby By David Zeltser – This was a fun book. I liked how it applied the ninja activities to real life situations like snack time and bath time. This story has a great light hearted fun feeling and I like how Nina reacts to her new Kung Fu Master baby brother. This book is great for giving to kids with a new baby on the way or aspiring Ninjas.

Ninja in the Kitchen By Luke Flowers – Great for kids, it has pizza and ninjas that’s all I need say. This is one book in a serious of helpful Ninja Books. They are Level 1 readers which are great for those learning to read. Early Readers have a bad reputation for being boring!!! Well, not this book. The pictures are fun and engaging! Stories are funny and Clever. My little kids love these books and can’t wait for more to come out in the series!

The Ninja Bread Man By C.L. Leigh – This is such a cute book. As you can guess, the story follows the format of the traditional Gingerbread Man tale, but with a very well-executed ninja theme. Children of all ages will be captivated by vibrant motion-filled illustrations and the clever tale of a quick little cookie trying to hang on to his sugary, powdery coating! Read, read, read as fast as you can!

Ninja Boy Goes to School by N.D. Wilson – My kids LOVE this book. My restless little boys love going through the day of a Ninja Boy. This is a cute story of a character that is trying to balance school and imagination. The artwork is so cute and well done. The illustrations here are the best part of this book, in my opinions, they are cartoonish with a lot of child appeal.

Ninja Life Hacks Decision Making Box Set By Mary Nhin- There are several sets of these Ninja collections that teach kids important life skills. They are like Kid self help books hidden as ninja story. I actually have a love/hate relationship with these books. I love that they teach kids great life skills and coping mechanism. But the stories are actually not that interesting. Each book is very similar style. This is what is (good behavior), it wasn’t always that way, I did this, this, this, and now its (good behavior). This Collection includes Hard-working Ninja, Disappointed Ninja, Integrity Ninja, Investor Ninja, Problem Solving Ninja, eNinja, Caring Ninja, Curious Ninja. My kids like these books but they are usually not a book chosen to read over and over.

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Ninja Craft


Colors – Tempera Paint Sticks

Toilet paper tube

Black and Red paper

Wiggly Eyes

Card stock

Glue or Glue stick

4.5″ x6″ rectangle of black paper (or whatever size fits around your tube this worked for us)

Red and White paper

Cardboard (optional)

Download Free Printable at the bottom of the page. Print on Card Stock. Cut out throwing stars or you can trace onto cardboard
For more Robust Throwing stars, Trace onto cardboard and cut out.
Color throwing stars. My kids LOVE these Tempera Paint Sticks
Wrap your craft tube with 4.5″ x6″ rectangle of black paper (or whatever size fits around your tube this worked for us).
Cut a small white oval out and decorate with a ninja face.

Glue face and ninja belt onto ninja.
Make a couple for your ninja Obstacle Course. May want to set up some paper bowls or cups too.

Ninja Obstacle Course




Black balloons

White paper


Craft from above

Start with Ninja Punching Bag

Cut an oval out of white paper and Draw a Ninja face on it.
Tape face to Balloon. Then using a streamer hand from ceiling or door frame. You want it to be a good height for your child to hit and kick.

Then using streamers Create an obstacle course for your kids to Crawl through. We did the lazar maze first, then the ninja punching back and last was our craft set up on cups to use with throwing stars. Check out our YouTube link at the top to see our finish product.

Ninja Pizza Recipe

Pizza Dough Recipe and someone who makes pizzas way better than me – Click Here


Pizza Dough – make your own, store bought dough, English Muffins, or Naan also works great. (english muffins and naan won’t take as long to bake. This might also be a great idea if your are doing a playdate or birthday party and you want everyone to make their own pizza)

Pizza Sauce

Mozzarella Cheese

Italian Seasonings

Garlic Salt

Toppings – pepperoni, Sausage, etc.

Cheese Grater for KitchenAid (Certainly optional but so fast)

Oven or Pizza Oven (This one makes great pizza)

Unicook Heavy Duty Cordierite Pizza Stone (great for both oven or pizza oven)

8 Inch Round Pizza Turning Peel


Wooden Pizza Peel


Prepare and Cut up any toppings you like. We like to shred our own cheese instead of pre-shredded cheese. We think it tastes better and it also doesn’t have any of the cornstarch or other fillers.
Roll your dough out. You can make your own dough or pre-bought dough also is great. If you want kids to make their own pizza and would like less mess than you see here then english muffins or pre-made naan make great pizza dough.
Stretch the Dough out. My kids love this part but may not be for the faint of heart.
Place on a floured wooden pizza peel. Add toppings. We like to add Italian Seasonings and garlic salt to the dough. Then add Sauce. Next, you will sprinkle a little cheese. Last, add on your toppings.
I forgot to but once you have all your toppings on there add a little cheese then you are ready to bake.
Pizza Oven is super hot. So you place it in. After 25 seconds rotate. Then after 30 Seconds remove and done. In an Oven, 450 degrees for about 10 mins. If you are doing English muffin pizza or Naan probably only about 5 mins. But even oven is different.
Now you are ready to enjoy with your young Ninja.

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