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Groundhogs day. What a random holiday. For most of us we only think about this animal on this holiday. So I read Groundhog Weather School by Joan Holub. I am now a proud Graduate from Groundhog Weather School and I can tell you: Groundhogs are Rodents, Herbivores, and Hibernate. I also learned that Groundhog Day began in Pennsylvania. So if you want to be an expert to you many want to check out some of these Groundhog books. Ok most are more entertaining than Enlightening but still loads of fun.

Groundhog’s Dilemma By Kristien Remenar – This book is great for kids who have difficulty saying “no” to people for fear of hurting their feelings. This a lesson that many adults need to hear too. We often want to help people and make everyone happy but like our Groundhog we can’t always do that. The adorable illustrations complement the story. It’s a joy to read, again and again.

Groundhog Weather School By Joan Holub – This book is cute and rather informative. The facts are great and I came away, as an adult, with more knowledge than I had going in. It is very engaging and has a lot of humor in it for the adults too. If you are looking for a more educational version of Groundhog Day this would be the book to use. Gail Gibbons just released a new updated Groundhogs Day book. I would guess it to be very informative too but I haven’t been able to read it yet.

Grumpy GroundHog – This is a cute story from Maureen Wright, who also wrote Sneezy The Snowman. My kids love her playful writing and fun situations. It’s good for young kids to see ‘grouchy’ in print. We all have to do things we dont’ want to do. This book is a great way to convey it…through a groundhog who doesn’t want to wake up!

Mr. Groundhog Wants the Day off by Pat Stemper Vojta- Before I even start talking about the story, the coolest part of this book is that it’s in both Spanish and English. Oh, how I remember trying to load my kids up in the car to take them to the park. They be melting down and I was so puzzled because I was trying to do something fun for them. Once at the park, they would be so happy and never want to leave. This groundhog doesn’t feel like doing his job today and would like to do something different. But, his friends support him encouraging and he ends up having a fun day.

Groundhog’s Runaway Shadow by David Biedrzycki- This book is a story about a groundhog and his shadow. It actually doesn’t talk about Groundhog Day at all. But my kids just loved the idea that the groundhog lost his shadow. Only thing more hilarious was all crazy things the shadow. The illustrations are fun and compliment this short silly story.

Groundhog’s Day Off By Robb Pearlman – This is a cute Groundhog Day book. The lesson is teaches is to treat others better. We can do that by asking them questions about their lives. We care about them for who they are and think. These are great lessons for little kids. Life is not all about you, what you want, and what you think. So use this book to think about the people in their lives they may overlook or should treat better.

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Free Printable – See below

Dixi Cup

Popsicle stick



  1. Got to and print off Free Printable. Color grass and Groundhog.

2. Cut out grass and Groundhog.

3. Make a hole in the Bottom of the Dixi Cup

4. Glue Grass around Cup.

5. Glue Groundhog on Popsicle Stick.

6. Insert Popsicle stick through hold on bottom so the Groundhog and pop in and out of his burrow.

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