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Warning: You may experience moments of non-stop excitement and imagination as you dive into this list of genius ways to get your kids through those long Disney World lines! Waiting in line at Walt Disney World can can be hard for some but it doesn’t have to be. To keep kids entertained and make the wait time enjoyable, here list things to do while waiting in line:

Re apply Sun Screen – Florida is hot and Sunny. Take this time to reapply.

Count Hidden Mickeys: Challenge kids to find hidden Mickey Mouse symbols in the queue or nearby areas.Make Predictions: Guess what characters you will see on this ride. Will it be scary or relaxing? What will the story be about?

Enjoy Snacks: Bring some Disney-themed snacks or treats to enjoy while waiting.

Play I-Spy: Take turns playing “I-Spy” with elements in the queue.

Draw Disney Characters: Bring paper and markers to draw Disney characters or scenes.

Engage in Quiet Games: Play quiet games like thumb wrestling, rock paper scissors,

Take Photos: Capture moments and take photos of interesting things in the queue.

Plan Your Next Adventure: Discuss which attraction you want to visit next or plan your day’s schedule.

Enjoy Entertainment: Some queues have entertainers like musicians or character appearances to keep you entertained.

Play a Disney would you rather game: Free Printable down below.

Socialize: Strike up conversations with fellow guests. You might make new friends!

Make Activity bags- This was such an easy idea ans was so worth it. I filled pencil bags with small items from the Dollar store or party favors. Then while we waited in line i would pull out a special activity. Things like fidgets, bubbles. games, mazes, yo yos etc.

Remember to stay patient and enjoy the anticipation of the ride. Waiting in line at Disney can be an opportunity for quality family time and creating special memories.

Unique Things to do in Each Park

Disney World is filled with beloved attractions, characters and delicious treats – but have you heard about some of the hidden gems and unique experiences you may not find on the typical tourist itinerary? In this blog post, I’m going to share insider tips on things you can do at Disney that you may not have realized were options. Whether you’ve been to Disney a dozen times or will be visiting for the first time, get ready to discover special ways to customize your trip with memorable moments you never knew existed.

Now, let’s explore one special thing from each Disney World park that should not be missed:

Animal Kingdom

Keep your eyes peeled for a very special character encounter -Devine! She is a beautiful character covered in leaves and vines and gracefully moves. She is usually found Midday near the entrance of the park. My boys loved seeing her. Any time they talked to some one about Disney world they always ask if they say Devine.

Magic Kingdom

There’s no better way to make lasting Disney memories than by sending a postcard from Cinderella’s Castle….. Ok down the street from the castle on Main Street. Drop your letter or greeting card in the mailbox right in the front courtyard. The special Magic Kingdom postmark will transport your message to a friend or loved one.

Hollywood Studios

Did you know you can build your very own personal droid at the Droid Depot? Using parts and programs, construct an astro mech or protocol droid to take home. It’s a one-of-a-kind souvenir that makes you feel like you’re part of the Star Wars universe.


As mentioned earlier, keep an eye out for sneak peeks of the all-new Journey of Water attraction coming soon. It’s sure to be a groundbreaking experience unlike any other in Walt Disney World.

Buy or not

In preparation for our family vacation to Walt Disney World, I did what many parents do – I likely overpacked and over-planned in an effort to make the trip as seamless as possible. We all know that magical feeling of Disney and the inevitable exhaustion that comes with navigating multiple crowded parks in the Florida heat. I wanted to come prepared with some convenient kid-friendly items and potentially fun extras to enhance our experience. However, as we began our trip, I quickly realized not everything translates the same way on paper as it does in the parks. Some purchases were total winners and worth their weight in magic, while others didn’t end up getting used at all. As stressful as planning can be, there’s really no way to know fully what will or won’t work until you’re immersed in the Disney bubble. Let me share a bit about what worked and what didn’t in terms of my pre-trip buys

Cooler back pack

One of the smartest things we did to save money on our Disney trip was pack a small cooler with drinks and lunches each day. Disney food prices really add up, especially if you’re eating multiple meals there. By bringing our own lunches, we avoided overspending on meals the kids may have only picked at. It was so much cheaper to make basic sandwiches, pack yogurt and string cheese than buy full meals. We saved the expensive snacks and treats just for a fun special purchase during the day. With a cooler, we also had access to cold water all day which was crucial in the Florida heat. It was one less thing to stress about with hungry kids. We were still able to buy ice cream or a Mickey Bar when a sweet craving hit. Overall, pre-packing lunches helped our budget immensely while also allowing us flexibility to enjoy Disney’s snacks and treats in moderation.

Mickey Mouse Stationary

One thing I pre-purchased and was so glad we had were packets of Mickey Mouse postcards. They were the perfect souvenir to send friends and family from various spots in each park. On our Magic Kingdom day, we took advantage of the iconic mailbox in front of Cinderella’s Castle. How fun to surprise people with a postcard showing we mailed it straight from the most magical place on Earth! Since the postcards were prepaid, it saved us money versus buying stamps in the parks. My kids also enjoyed addressing them to their grandparents and writing little notes. Pre-buying the postcards allowed us to meaningfully share our Disney experience without taking up too much room in our luggage. It’s a thoughtful memento that arrives long after you return home from your trip.


Packing ponchos for your Disney World trip is a must due to the unpredictable Florida weather. Quick summer storms can roll in even during sunny days, and riding wet rides will soak you through. Ponchos provide lightweight protection from the rain without overheating like a coat. They allow fun to continue despite Mother Nature, and avoid heavy umbrellas or long lines to buy last-minute gear. As an inexpensive item, ponchos give valuable coverage and allow wasteful raingear to be discarded after damp days. Their compact size means dry fun is always within reach no matter the forecast. Simply put, Disney ponchos are essential for responding to rainfall without ruining the magic of your vacation.

Air Tag Bracelet and Air tags

When traveling to the massive Walt Disney World theme parks with little ones, it’s easy to feel nervous about keeping track of them amid the huge crowds. That’s why I invested in an inexpensive way to ease my worries – AirTag tracking devices. I tucked small AirTags safely into sealed pockets on bracelets for my kids. I also wrote my cell phone number on the bracelet. Knowing I could open the Find My app to check their location at any moment lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. We never had to use it but i felt better knowing If we got separated accidentally, I’d be able to quickly locate them with the AirTags. It allowed me to enjoy the park leisurely without constant panic. The peace of mind far outweighed the minor cost. I’d highly recommend this trick for worry-free Walt Disney World fun!

Pencil bags to make activity bags

These bags were perfect for making activity bags This was such an easy idea and was so worth it. I filled pencil bags with small items from the Dollar store or party favors. Then while we waited in line i would pull out a special activity. Things like fidgets, bubbles. games, mazes, yo yos etc.

Personal Fans

If you’re visiting Disney World in the summer, don’t forget to pack personal battery-operated fans. The Florida heat and humidity can really sap your energy, even inside the air-conditioned parks. Small fans are lightweight to toss in bags and provide relief wherever needed – waiting in long lines, recovering after rides with no airflow, or dealing with sunny outdoor queues. They help circulate air and speed drying sweat so you feel cooler faster. Kids especially love being able to control their own breeze. As an inexpensive item, fans ensure comfort without breaking the bank or taking up much room. Their portability means cooling comfort is always on hand on steamy Florida days. Personal fans prove a must-have for battling the heat so you can keep energized magical moments going all day long. These also kept my boys entertained too.

Glow wands or Glow Prizes

If you plan to spend evenings at the Parks enjoying nighttime entertainment and attractions, consider packing a few inexpensive light up toys and novelties from the dollar store. Disney prices for similar items can add up quickly. I brought glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces and other small trinkets to keep my kids engaged throughout long nights. When restlessness started to set in or we had to wait, I’d pull out something new for them to play with. It kept boredom at bay far better than screens could. The lights also helped me spot my kids easily in the huge crowds at night. Between the fun factor and added safety, light up doodads were worth the small investment to spread out over our trip. It beat spending a fortune and worrying at Disney. Best of all, it enhanced our magical after-dark experiences without breaking the bank.

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