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Who is excited that there is a new Clifford movie coming out!!!! The kids in this house certainly can’t wait to see it! What better way to prepare for a movie than to read the book. And a book club playdate would be even better! Before you go see the movie find your Clifford loving friends hand invite them over for a story, craft, snack, and activity to get them excited about seeing this big red dog on the big scene.

Enjoy Story, Craft, snack, and activity with Friends

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There are so many Clifford books to choose from…. My kids’ favorite is Clifford and The Missing Beach Ball. This is a fun story about Clifford and his friends going to the beach and well the title gives away their big problem. T-Bone’s beach ball goes missing and the dogs have a fun time trying to find it. I have read this book a million times but my kids still laugh and get excited as they look for the missing beach ball.



Clifford and The Missing Beach Ball

Clifford Stuff Animals

Paper Plates

Tempera Paint Sticks


Permanent markers

2 inch colored paper circle



  1. Using a ruler and permanent marker, draw three lines across the plate to make the sections for the beach ball.

2. Use the Tempera Paint Sticks to color each section. (I love these paint sticks! They are so bright. Easy for kids to use)

3. Glue on the circle in the middle.



Buckets to serve in


Cupcake Goldfish Crackers

Rainbow Goldfish Crackers

Rice Chex

Teddy Grahams

Cheese balls


  1. 1 scoop of popcorn

2. 1 scoop of cupcake Goldfish cracker

3. 1 scoop of cupcake Goldfish cracker

4. 1 scoop Rice Chex look like beach towels.

5. 1 school of beach bum bears (teddy grahams)

6. 1 scoop of beach balls (cheese balls)


Beach ball fun! Here is a link to some nice Beach Balls that I used for my playdate. Listed below are lots of activities you can play with your beach balls.

  1. Throw the ball through a hanging hula-hoop.
  2. Play catch.
  3. Write colors, shapes, numbers, or letters, on the ball and shout the one you see when you catch the ball.
  4. Sit on the floor with legs spread across from someone and push/roll the ball together.
  5. Secure the ball between your legs and try to walk or move with it.
  6. Play musical beach balls.
  7. Place the ball on top of a cone and play t-ball.
  8. Use as a bowling ball to knock over empty soda bottle pins.
  9. Play beach ball hockey with a ball and a pool noodle.
  10. Play “hot potato”.
  11. Using a towel, pair children up and have them toss the ball into the air and catch it on the towel.
  12. Roll or kick the ball around cones or over/under obstacles.
  13. Hold the ball in your arms and move them from side to side.
  14. Hit the ball to a partner using your head.
  15. Balance on body parts.
  16. Throw or kick and chase.
  17. Kick the ball against a wall or into a laundry basket.
  18. Practice movement concepts such as levels, directions, speeds or effort.
  19. Create targets with cones or laundry baskets and try to hit them with the ball.
  20. Move the ball over the head and under and through legs.
  21. Don’t let the ball hit the floor by hitting with your hands (keep it up).
  22. Balance the ball on your head and try to walk.
  23. Try to kick the ball between two cones or into a laundry basket.
  24. Use a deflated beach balls to carry loose parts.
  25. Play modified baseball with the ball and a cardboard tube.
  26. Divide the class into two or more groups and have the groups throw the ball back and forth
  27. See how many times you can throw the ball up and catch it.
  28. See how many balls you can carry without dropping any.
  29. Try to spin the ball on your finger.
  30. Balance on big serving spoon while walking.
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