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Is it Taco Tuesday, yet? Are you looking for fun books to read about tacos? You many be wondering are there really good books about tacos??? And let me tell you some of my favorite books are about Tacos. Our Halloween decorations last year followed the theme of Dragons love Tacos. But that isn’t even my favorite taco book.

Little Taco Truck by Tanya Valentine – Little Taco Truck is a beautifully illustrated book that ties together diversity, inclusion, and courage in a way in which little ones can understand and relate. The personalities of the food trucks brings to life the exciting and diverse world of street foods in the US while also telling the story of how one little food truck finds himself adapting to his changing world. My Boys were excited about the illustrations, personalities, and all the vibrant words. Even has them interested in trying some new foods. Little Taco Truck is great all around and one of my 5 year old’s favorite books.

Dragons Love Tacos and the Sequel by Adam Rubin – My boys and I love Adam Rubin books! It is a funny story with great illustrations. I think i have read both of these books a million times. One year we even used them as a theme for our Halloween decorations. A funny story about what happens when Dragons eat Spicy tacos they get the tummy troubles. Your kids will

This Is a Taco! By Andrew Cangelose – The first time I heard this story, it was at my son’s school when they were doing a special read aloud night. The admission direction read it and had the whole room laughing in no time. Its a cute little story that mixes information with creativity! Kinda wacky not much of a point but still a fun read.

How to Fold a Taco (English and Spanish Edition) By Naibe Reynoso – This book about tacos is charming and humorous. A real tribute to this food. Reynoso shares a wide variety of methods from the realistic to the ridiculous to fold and enjoy tacos. What I like best about this story is that it is told in English and Spanish. It also tells you “I love tacos” in several languages. The colorful illustrations bring out the joy and fun and universal appeal of tacos. Reynoso even provides a history of tacos at the end.

Taco Craft

This was such a fun craft. I will have to say I was a little nervous hosting a playdate for 5 and 7 year olds with a sewing craft. But the kids did awesome. They loved decorating their tacos and did such a great job their first time sewing. I made sure to have all my needles pre treaded and gave the kids cloths pins to keep their tacos closed while they sewed.


Yellow Felt Circles

School Glue

Needles – These large needles were easy to thread and for the kids to hold. They are sharp but not too sharp.

Thread – This thread was just one I had laying around. Worked great but you could use any really.

Permanent Markers

Batting or cotton

Red felt or other colors for toppings

Fold felt circle in half and draw a emoji type face on your Taco.
Color your Cotton or batting Green to be the Lettuce.
I used a little glue to hold my fillings in place while I sewed. I also added two red felt circles to look like tomatoes but feel free to add any toppings to your taco you like.
Then sew up the curced side of your taco. For kids i gave them 2 or 3 clothes pins to pinch and hold the taco together.

Time to Play

My boys love making these cars that they can wear and pretend to drive around in. I have mad construction trucks, trains, airplanes, and now a taco truck. They are so simple to make and will keep your kids busy for hours!!


Cardboard box your kid can fit in.

Ribbon for straps

Tin foil


Permanent markers

Taco treats to hand out – see next section.

Cut flaps off box. Then poke 4 holes to tie on ribbon. I make and X with the ribbons. I find it stays on better.
I used the flaps I cut off and made a cab in the front. Then wrapped with Tin foil. Not shown in this picture but I added a small box to the side so I could put the Taco treats in it.
We decorated four paper plates and glued them on for wheels.
Then we used the markers to decorate our Taco truck.

Snack Time

My kids loved these sweet tacos more than they do the regular ones. They were super easy to make too.


Golden Oreos

Chocolate Frostint

Zip Lock bag

Mike and Ikes

Cut the Oreos in half. You can scrap out the white or leave it. I left it on mine. Figured it could look like sour cream.
Cut Mike and Ikes into small pieces for Taco Toppings
Add frosting to zip lock bag. Cut the tip off. Add the Chocolate to one cookie half. Then add another half to make it in the shape of a taco.
Then add the Mike and Ike pieces. I put them in little cup cake wrappers for easy handing out.

Free Printables

The first is a little taco truck that kids can decorate. If you are hosting a playdate with several kids printing these off might be good for younger kids that are too young to sew. This was also helpful once your older kids got done earlier they had something to do while others finished. There are some fun taco worksheets too that you can do with your kiddos before or after this playdate.

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