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When I was looking for ice skating stories, I came across Little Red Gliding Hood by Tara Lazar. This author creates a story that weaves together so many classic stories. She also introduces kids to variety words. Lazar is a talent creates plots which are a twist on the normal way of thinking about things yet in a rational way. My kids loved this story story, so we had to rush out to our library and check out all her other books. I love when I find new authors to be excited about! Make sure to check out the Free Download at the bottom of the page.

You First Day of Circus School. – This was my least favorite of the Lazar books but was still an enjoyable read. Who would think a kid’s first day of school would be a Circus School? Well, Tara Lazar does! This is a fun twist on the first day of school story. It will have kids giggling as they compare the adventures in Circus School with their own school. There are bound to be some craziness during anyone first day. But by the end of the day, those first day jitters are a thing of the past. A fun read aloud!

7 ate 9 – We have all heard the joke! I enjoyed all the math puns in this children’s mystery book. Even though, I had to explain some of the puns to my youngest, or point out things in the picture which blend into the joke. He loved it, and I loved reading it to him. Tara Lazar and Ross MacDonald have a great sense of humor, and makes their readers of all ages laugh. This book is a fun way to introduce math concepts or to review with older kids.

Bloop – This book begins with the premise of an old joke. If aliens looked at the earth seeing us following dogs around and picking up their poop. What would they think? They would assume the dogs ruled the earth and we were the servants. Some aliens, who happen to look like dogs, make this very mistake. And hilarity ensues. Tara’s bouncy, kid-friendly text is perfectly matched with Mike Boldt’s colorful illustrations. My kid’s laughed during this whole story!

Way past bedtime – This books is super fun and the illustrations have such a cool, modern style the kids go crazy for them. My boys thought this book was hilarious. You can spend days examining the pictures and find something new. What a fun premise, of kids guessing what moms and dads do after kids go to sleep. Then the boy finds out the truth! We fall asleep on the sofa.

Free Downloads – Easy print off activities with very little prep!!! Some times we all need those projects.

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